Wyvern Lingo - Wyvern Lingo (Vinyl LP)

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Wyvern Lingo are an Irish band from Bray, Ireland in County Wicklow. It consists of Caoimhe Barry (vocals, drums, guitar), Karen Cowley (vocals, synth, bass) and Saoirse Duane (vocals, guitar).

An album that gets progressively better with each listen, "Wyvern Lingo's" eponymous debut is soul infused pop. Excellent vocal harmonies underpin the whole record. "I Love You Sadie" and "When I Can" are my personal favourite tracks from the album. There aren't too many other true standouts but as a whole the album works well and matures nicely with repeated listening.

By: therealricko

A1 Out Of My Hands
A2 I Love You, Sadie
A3 Maybe It's My Nature
A4 Crawl
A5 Dark Cloud
A6 Used
B1 Fountains
B2 Snow II
B3 Tell Him
B4 Fear
B5 Subside
B6 When I Can (Rubbish)

Single sleeve LP with printed inner sleeve. Includes digital download code.