Georgia - Seeking Thrills (Vinyl)

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Georgia is an English record producer, songwriter, singer, rapper and drummer. The daughter of Leftfield cofounder Neil Barnes, Georgia began her music career as a drummer for artists such as Kwes and Kate Tempest. Seeking Thrills is a sharply paced and fascinating album, packed with injections of lightness and fun paired with rich, bubbling melodies. Georgia is reminding you of the altitude of your last real thrill, and when we turn the record on, we’re there again, aching for more.


I was enamored with the first song I heard on this, ‘Feel it’, the song was clean as hell and I mean that in the best way possible. That song introduced me to this album, and I’m very happy that it did. The production on this album is the first thing that sticks out to me, it’s amazing and it’s so full and pretty much everything that the album tries production wise works. The synths are reminiscent of 80s synthpop, but not so much to make this seem like a retro throwback. Georgia takes many elements from pop at that time, and fuses it with today’s sound in a very engaging and fun way. The best example of this is on the intro track, ‘Started Out’, this song has those 80s style keys and it fuses them with the modern, clean production and vocal style. There’s also more abrasive, PC music-esque bangers on this thing. Songs like ‘Ray Gun’ and ‘Mellow’ hit HARD and are the most interesting fusions of 80s synthpop and modern dance and pop music. The only problem with this album is that it plays the worst song on the album, TWICE. While yes, both versions of ‘Never Let You Go’ are slightly different, and I do prefer the alternate version with its heavier bassline, I still think the vocals are annoying as hell and it feels like it’s trying a little too hard to be a top 40 hit. Overall, this album is really good, I love the production and Georgia absolutely kills it on this release.

By: heen

A1 Started Out
A2 About Work The Dancefloor
A3 Never Let You Go
A4 Mellow
A5 Til I Own It
A6 I Can't Wait
B1 Feel It 3:52
B2 Ultimate Sailor
B3 Ray Guns
B4 The Thrill
B5 Honey Dripping Sky

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Comes with:

Red 150g vinyl
Printed PVC sleeve
16 page 12" sized booklet featuring photography of Nancy Honey
MP3 and WAV download card. The download includes the track "24 Hours"