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Debut solo album from Dundalk singer / songwriter.

In a musical landscape of instant but short fleeting rewards, Finnian’s ascension in the Irish musical landscape is a welcome return to the more authentic evolution of an artist. Growing up in both Dundalk and Warrenpoint, Ireland, Finnian has carefully nurtured his songwriting to the point where he is now being lauded by his peers as one of the most exciting talents in the country. His music is honest, concise and textured in a way which few have achieved with such conviction.

His forthcoming album is an introduction to the wider world, to an artist that many have already latched on to. Under the Influence, due in Summer 2020 is the culmination of 2 years of work which has been honed into one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Already praised for his lyrics, Under the Influence marries this lyrical prowess with a musicality that few in the genre can claim to possess. His beginnings as a folk based songwriter have now truly evolved into a fresh interpretation of the genre but also Finnian’s established standing within it.

The recording of Under the Influence was a typically ambitious project. Not content with the honesty of his message, Under the Influence was recorded directly to tape in Black Mountain studios under the guidance of Producer Peter Baldwin and Grammy Award Winning engineer Ben Kane ( D'Angelo, The Roots, Nora Jones, Emily King). It also sees him collaborate with some of Ireland's finest talent including Jess Kav of Barq and Booka Brass to name a few. While the process mirrors the validity of the forgotten vulnerable approach of creativity it also rejects any of the short cuts now accepted within modern music. Each of its nine tracks crafted to express a stand alone expression of real human emotion and carved from his own experience. Under the Influence knows that live performance is the real way in which music should be consumed. It is a work that effortlessly displays the vitality of his critically acclaimed live performances this year with David Keenan and many others.

First single ‘Evenflow’ embodies this confidence. Already being praised by critics, Evenflow is a song that oozes authenticity in a manner which few artists can exude at such an early stage in their career. It is for this reason that the industry has rightfully bookmarked Under the Influence as one of the most exciting upcoming releases of 2020.

After three victorious single launches, Finnian’s debut album Under The Influence, will undoubtedly enable him to reach a wider audience. With its highly anticipated release set for July 24, it’s the perfect way to showcase his evolution as a folk singer-songwriter. As a culmination of two years’ work, it finds a way to remain loyal to his origins while simultaneously offering a fresh take on the genre.

Growing up in Dundalk, Finnian has impressively cultivated his talent for songwriting over the years. In order to create an intimate and honest atmosphere, Under The Influence was recorded directly to tape in Black Mountain studios under the direction of Producer Peter Baldwin and Grammy Award-winning engineer Ben Kane ( D'Angelo, The Roots, Nora Jones, Emily King). It features some of Ireland's most promising artists, including the likes of Jess Kav of BARQ and Booka Brass. It is a work that truly pays homage to his critically acclaimed live performances this past year.

Each of nine tracks encapsulates the highs and lows of being in love, and all the confusion we experience in between. Like flipping through the pages of a journal, it is lyrically personal and draws upon on his own experiences. Opener ‘Where We Go’, serves as a mellow introduction with a laid -back guitar, keyboard and trumpet instrumental. We hear hints of Southern Blues in combination with a longing for closure and affection expressed in Finnian’s voice.

Finnian’s recent single, ‘Fly’, signals a shift in his journey. We sense his emotional liberation in the roughening of his vocals and the drummer’s dominant presence throughout. Under The Influence is reminiscent of drunken summer nights slowly approaching dawn. It is an absolute must listen from one of the most exciting new talents in the country.

By: Bo Madrid

1 Where We Go
2 Stay
3 Even Flow
4 Don't Want to See You Go
5 Out of Sight
6 Fly
7 Lifted Up
8 Devil in the Flashing Lights
9 I Don't Want to Fall in Love

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