David Byrne - The Complete Score From The Broadway production of The Catherine Wheel (2xLP Vinyl)

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An absolutely monumental masterpiece of late 20th century music is the seamless funk opera score David Byrne created for choreographer Twyla Tharp’s The Catherine Wheel in 1981. This 2LP set marks the vinyl debut of the full score (previous releases contained only a 1LP condensed version). The tracks "Big Blue Plymouth", "My Big Hands", "Big Business" and "What a Day That Was" were all performed live by Talking Heads in 1982 and 1983.




Space age art-funk from the Talking Head; basking in the aftershock of Remain In Light and Bush Of Ghosts. Byrne was always the high-priest of funk and guru of dance so this commission makes sense. And Eno does some appropriate knob twiddling (those two were surfing the crest of the zeitgeist wave around this time.)
Good workout music - a manageable 40 minutes on hot and sweaty vinyl. The album starts as ambient funk but Byrne does get those strident vocals more involved (with all his trademark tics and quirks shifting into overdrive). This hampers the flow of the piece for me but three quarters of his work on the score of The Catherine Wheel Production is great!

By: Serendipity

A1 Light Bath
A2 His Wife Refused
A3 Adé
A4 Walking
A5 Two Soldiers
A6 Under The Mountain
A7 Dinosaur
A8 The Red House
B1 Wheezing
B2 Eggs In A Briar Patch
B3 Poison
B4 Cloud Chamber
B5 Black Flag
C1 My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks)
C2 Combat
C3 Leg Bells
C4 The Blue Flame
C5 Big Business
D1 Dense Beasts
D2 Five Golden Sections
D3 What A Day That Was
D4 Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)
D5 Light Bath

Commissioned by the Twyla Tharp Dance Foundation, Inc. "The Catherine Wheel" premiered September 22nd, 1981 at the Winter Garden Theatre, New York City. Choreographed and Directed by Twyla Tharp.

Studios: Celestial Sound Studios, Olympic Sound (London), Blank Tapes. Mastered at Sterling Sound