Kamasi Washington - The Epic (Vinyl 3xLP)

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The Epic is the major-label debut and overall third studio album by American jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington. It was released in 2015, through the Brainfeeder record label. Seth Colter Walls of Pitchfork awarded the album with "Best New Music" tag, stating: "The Epic actually makes good on its titular promise without bothering to make even a faint-hearted stab in the direction of fulfilling its pre-release hype."

A triple album called "The Epic" has to be one of the most indulgent concepts in the history of music (I won't go as far as to call it the most indulgent, because I'm sure there are great offenders, but still). And look, there's plenty of good music to be found here. Both of the "Re Run" tracks are great. "Miss Understanding" is phenomenal. "The Magnificent 7" is undeniably cool. So yes, the whole "being three hours long" thing is definitely a bit much, but the music here makes up for this fact, I think.
Favorite tracks: Askim, Final Thought, Miss Understanding, Re Run, The Magnificent 7, Re Run Home, The Message

By: Listyguy

A1 Change Of The Guard
A2 Isabelle
A3 Final Thought
B1 The Next Step
B2 Askim

A1 The Rhythm Changes
A2 Leroy And Lanisha
A3 Rerun
B1 Miss Understanding
B2 Henrietta Our Hero
B3 Seven Prayers
B4 Cherokee

A1 The Magnificent 7
A2 Re Run Home
B1 Malcolm's Theme
B2 Claire De Lune
B3 The Message

Catalogue Number:  BF050

Record Label:  Brainfeeder

Produced by: