Brian Eno - Another Green World (Vinyl LP)

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Another Green World is the third studio album by English musician Brian Eno (credited simply as "Eno"), released by Island Records in September 1975. Produced by Eno and Rhett Davies, it features contributions from a small core of musicians including Robert Fripp (guitar), Phil Collins (drums), Percy Jones (fretless bass), and Rod Melvin (piano). John Cale (of The Velvet Underground) plays viola on two tracks.

The album marked a transition from the rock-based music of Eno's previous releases toward the minimalist instrumentals of his late '70s ambient work. Only five of its fourteen tracks feature vocals. Employing tactics derived from his Oblique Strategies cards for guidance, Eno utilised a variety of unconventional recording techniques and instrumental approaches, reflected in unusual instrumental credits such as "snake guitar" and "uncertain piano". The cover is a detail from After Raphael by the British artist Tom Phillips.

Though the album failed to chart in the United States or the United Kingdom, Another Green World was initially met with high praise from critics. Contemporary reception has been very positive; several publications, including Rolling Stone, NME and Pitchfork, have named the album among the greatest of the 1970s.


After having my discman stolen back in the day, I had to break out my old cassette walkman for those long trips to work for the graveyard shift. I taped my recently purchased OK Computer on side one and my brand new Another Green World for side two. I can still remember that time in my life like it was yesterday, because of those two albums. I can recall the weather, the stillness in the air, how quiet the streets seemed and I distinctly remember the wave of depression that hit me when I reached work, because the 'moment' was over.

It is a deep affection I have for Another Green World. Have you ever loved something so much it made you sad? Ever find music so uplifting as to bring you down and depressed? Ever listen to an album and feel like the only person on the planet? Otherwise normal lyrics like, "I'll come running to tie your shoes" turn into grandiose epics of romantic conquest. Piano chords turn you into a helpless piece of mush. This all so important vulnerability has to be kept private; it's something that you could never share with anyone for fear of being misunderstood. There can be no risk of it being mocked or ridiculed because the music is you and everything decent about you. Another Green World is an album that makes you ashamed to look your father in the eye. After all, he wanted to raise his son to be a man, not some hopeless bottle of raw emotions who cannot control himself in the presence of some ex-glam rocker's keyboards.

The album is the dreamless sleep of a new born, the darkness of the country at night, that moment on Christmas Eve when you go home to visit and you get a half hour by yourself at your old house.

I am sure there are people out there who enjoy Another Green World as much as I do, and if I ever meet them and we listen to the album together, I am sure neither one of us would say one word the entire time.

By: Capcon

A1 Sky Saw
A2 Over Fire Island
A3 St. Elmo's Fire
A4 In Dark Trees
A5 The Big Ship
A6 I'll Come Running
A7 Another Green World
B1 Sombre Reptiles
B2 Little Fishes
B3 Golden Hours
B4 Becalmed
B5 Zawinul/Lava
B6 Everything Merges With The Night
B7 Spirits Drifting


Virgin Music / UMC

Remastered & Pressed on 180gram Vinyl