Shit Robot - What Follows (2xLP Vinyl)

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Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot returns with his third full length album for DFA Records, entitled What Follows. The 11-track album was conceived and recorded at Marcus' home studio in a small town outside Stuttgart; worked on in various New York studios and then mixed over the course of 11 intense & coffee-fuelled days in DFA label mate Juan Maclean's New Hampshire studio. The Dublin-born producer has enlisted the help of a stellar cast of guests for What Follows, with previous collaborators Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) and DFA stablemates Museum of Love & Nancy Whang returning, alongside new faces Jay Green and leftfield fellow Dubliner New Jackson.

Double coloured vinyl. 

With Marcus Lambkin it's all about the beats. I'm probably not allowed to call him by his performing moniker by our esteemed hosts, so I'd better refer to him by the name by which he is is best known by those who know and love him better than I. The beats are very good. This new collection of nine new danceable inventions doesn't set out in any particularly new directions. In fact it has a bit of an eye to the past without ever being overtly "retro". The rolling Moroder-esque rhythm of 'What Follows' has a bit of a whiff of The Human League and perhaps even Thompson Twins about it (no bad thing because I like both!) 'Phase Out', shuffling along nicely, hands out a Latin disco ambience. I kept expecting the spirit of Donna Summer to jump out from the hi-hat on 'Wir Warten' but she didn't. 'Lose Control' has a bunch of chirpy cheerleaders squawking a jolly refrain but perhaps
the best of the bunch is 'Is There No End' because it made my ten toes all twitch at once!our mind is open to it.

By: The Wolf

A1 In Love
A2 What Follows
A3 Ten Miles High
B1 Lose Control
B2 End Of The Trail
C1 Phase Out
C2 Wir Warten
D1 Is There No End
D2 OB-8 (Winter Mix)

Catalogue Number: DFA2484

Record Label: DFA