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Blur Present The Special Collectors Edition will be released on vinyl for the first time ever. Originally released in 1994, as a Japan-only CD, The Special Collectors Edition is a 2LP set pressed on coloured vinyl, featuring a collection of B-sides from singles across the band’s first three studio albums - Leisure, Modern Life Is Rubbish and Parklife.

I’m not one for the old RSD malarkey because what you get is overpriced vinyl that doesn’t need to be pressed. Then there’s the bloodsuckers that buy a few copies and flip them for five times the price. I went to find The 1975 BBC orchestra album but failed as it sold out. I bought this instead. Blur are one of the best bands of the nineties and this 1994 japan only collection of B-sides from the first 3 albums, but not all, or the non album single Popscene. It’s a nice addition to my almost complete Blur vinyl collection. I balked at another Jap edition CD from 1998 Bustin + Dronin when it was pressed on vinyl last year because they omitted the Peel Sessions from the release unfortunately. Anyway, I have all these songs from the Collectors Edition on a bootleg CD I bought in 1996. The vinyl discs themselves are stunning translucent blue like a swimming pool. There’s two colour inners with the lyrics in both English and Japanese! Some original artwork is not present I must add. It’s a pity it wasn’t a gatefold. I paid €42 for this item, a hefty price tag indeed. The sound quality is good with silky treble and boomy bass, typical of nineties alternative/punk outfits like Blur in the early days. There is no mastering/cutting info in the package. A CD might appear like the Bustin + Dronin album. It’s best cranked up loud in the room or with good big headphones! All in all, there’s some nice material here from one of Britpops best bands, so yes, fans will want this pretty nice but expensive item!

By: Goodgroovecircle

A1 Day Upon Day (Live)
A2 Inertia
A3 Luminous
A4 Mace
B1 Badgeman Brown
B2 Hanging Over
B3 Peach
B4 When The Cows Come Home
C1 Maggie May
C2 Es Schmecht
C3 Fried
C4 Anniversary Waltz
C5 Threadneedle Street
D1 Got Yer!
D2 Supa Shoppa
D3 Beard
D4 Theme From An Imaginary Film
D5 Bank Holiday

A compilation of Blur B-sides from various singles released between 1991 and 1994. The full title of the release is "Blur Present The Special Collectors Edition".

A1 recorded live at the Moles Club, Bath, 19th December 1990.

D5 sung at Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan by Blur fans.