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On September 25, 2020, Guns N’ Roses’ 2004, multi-platinum best of compilation Greatest Hits will be released on vinyl for the first time. Previously only available digitally and on CD, Greatest Hits is now available as a 2LP set on black vinyl . The vinyl edition of Greatest Hits will also feature the band’s single “Shadow of Your Love,” which hit No. 5 on the Mainstream Rock chart. Originally recorded in December 1986, “Shadow of Your Love” made its debut on the 2018 box set Appetite For Destruction.

VINYL RECORD REVIEW: I purchased the black vinyl version as I heard the splatter vinyl edition has a lot of surface noise. I'm happy to say my copy was pressed dead center and is very quiet. It's actually one of the better records I've bought in a WHILE.
For some reason, the photo on the gatefold is mirrored and the record maintains the 2004 spelling mistake on the insidel "Appetitie for Destruction"

COMPILATION REVIEW: It's not so much as a "hit" collection as it is a "singles" collection. Every single song has been released as a single (Civil War was a single in the UK.) However, it's missing a few singles. It's So Easy, Nightrain and Estranged. (Technically Brownstone as well, as It's So Easy and Brownstone were released as a double A side single.) Now you know why songs like "Ain't it Fun" and "Sympathy for the Devil" are on this compilation. They were released as singles.
A nice addition to the vinyl release is the inclusion of Shadow of Your Love. It's sad for the casual fans looking for a complete GN'R package here, but MOST of the "hits" are included. Be happy we have full versions of these songs on this collection and not radio edit. Also, Ain't it Fun is NOT the censored version on this album.

If you only have Appetite and Illusions on vinyl, than the inclusion of Since I Don't Have You, Ain't it Fun and Patience are nice to have along with Shadow and Sympathy for the Devil.

Now... Where is my re-issue of Live Era on vinyl :)

By: For The Record

G1 Welcome To The Jungle
G2 Sweet Child O' Mine
G3 Shadow Of Your Love
G4 Patience
N1 Paradise City
N2 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
N3 Civil War
F'N1 You Could Be Mine
F'N2 Don't Cry (Original Version)
F'N3 November Rain
F'N4 Live And Let Die
R1 Yesterdays
R2 Ain't It Fun
R3 Since I Don't Have You
R4 Sympathy For The Devil

― Sticker reads:
"Include the bonus track - Shadow Of Your Love"

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