Sebastien Tellier - Domesticated (Vinyl)

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Sebastien Tellier is a French singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with his song "Divine". He has also produced songs for Dita Von Teese and he composed music for the French films Narco and Steak, among others. He is currently signed to Record Makers; a French independent record label. He sings in English, French, and Italian. Seventh studio album by the French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, featuring the singles 'A Ballet', 'Domestic Tasks' and 'Stuck in a Summer Love'. 


I didn't care about his new album because I'm tired of Tellier's shit. Right now, I'm not in the mood for soft and inoffensive tunes that won't change anything or won't scramble my emotional state (which is kind of cranky these days). But wait. I just read that Jam City, the only and precious Jam City produced two tracks on the album. Okay, count me in! I'm swimming in an ocean of hope right now, surrounded by delicate clouds whispering directly to my brain things about love and funky situations, things that I thought would have bored me but the instrumentals are so keen, so royal that it is impossible for me to not fall in love with. I must confess that I'm stunned. All my preconceived ideas are crushed like bananas in a monkey mouth chewing as if his life was on the line. This record is as soft as a woman's neck and Tellier achieves something I think he missed at the time, with his Sexuality record: being sensual. Purely sensual, without any artifice.
I'm impressed, oh God, yeah I'm impressed.

By: KidCathedrale

A1 A Ballet
A2 Stuck In A Summer Love
A3 Venezia
A4 Domestic Tasks
B1 Oui
B2 Atomic Smile
B3 Hazy Feelings
B4 Won

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