Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase (Vinyl)

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The Campfire Headphase is the third studio album by Scottish due Boards of Canada. Released by Warp Records in October 2005, the album featured the addition of more organic musical elements, including heavily treated acoustic guitars and more conventional song structures. It received generally positive reviews from critics.

LP pressing on 2xLP gatefold 180-gram vinyl. 

I get the impression that before people review this album, they tap into a collective unconciousness that dictates "You MUST rate this album lower than Music Has the Right to Children and Geoggadi." As great as those albums are, this is one of the very few most beautiful electronica albums ever, on the same level of textural and melodic beauty as Fennesz's Endless Summer and Tim Hecker's Radio Amor. The occasional guitar adds to the sensual beauty, rather than detracting from it. Pure gorgeousity!

By: LHB.

A1 Into The Rainbow Vein
A2 Chromakey Dreamcoat
A3 Satellite Anthem Icarus
A4 Peacock Tail
B1 Dayvan Cowboy
B2 A Moment of Clarity
B3 '84 Pontiac Dream
B4 Sherbet Head
C1 Oscar See Through Red Eye
C2 Ataronchronon
C3 Hey Saturday Sun
C4 Constants Are Changing
D1 Slow This Bird Down
D2 Tears From The Compound Eye
D3 Farewell Fire

Catalogue Number: WARPLP123R

Record Label: Warp Records