Boards of Canada - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country (EP) 12" (Vinyl)

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In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country is an 12"/EP by Scottish electronic duo Boards of Canada. It was released by Warp on 27 November 2000, in the period between the duo's albums Music Has the Right to Children and Geogaddi. Like those albums, it was well-received by critics.

12" EP pressing180-gram vinyl. 

A perfect miniature of BOC's discography. "Kid for Today" ranks right up with "Turquoise Hexagon Sun" as one the best songs they ever did. In some sense, the title track conveys perfectly what most of BOC's music is about. The past can be a warm and fuzzy place to hang out, but it's also one where you should not stay too long. Nostalgia is an alluring feeling but I think that BOC ultimately see it as a negative emotion, something distortive and potentially addictive. "In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country" is like your memories inviting you to come play with them, and wanting you to stay there.

By: EdinburghJack

A1 Kid For Today
A2 Amo Bishop Roden
B1 In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
B2 Zoetrope

Catalogue Number: WAP144R

Record Label: Warp Records