Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique (1xLP Vinyl)

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This is the second studio album by the American hip hop group, released in 1989. Produced by the Dust Brothers, the album is composed almost entirely from samples, and was recorded over two years at Matt Dike's apartment and the Record plant in Los Angeles. It became recognized as the group's breakthrough achievement, with its innovative lyrical and sonic style earning them a position as critical favorites within the hip-hop community. Sometimes described as the "Sgt Peppers of hip-hop", Paul's Boutique has since been placed on several lists of the greatest albums of all time, and is viewed by many critics as a landmark album in hip hop.


Paul's Boutique was such a groundbreaking record when it came out for its liberal use of constantly moving samples, courtesy of the Dust Brothers. That much we already know.  However, I am being honest when I note that I like everything about this record because of that.  They remove themselves from a potential party piegonhole after Licensed To Ill, and now they expand their rhymes with more storytelling (including the "Egg Man," a remake of their "Egg Raid on Mojo" punk song complete with "Superfly" sample). The three MCs remain clever and drop some great one-liners, as juvenile as they might appear when reading the lyrics book. Of course, the Dust Brothers take over production and run with it, which is what steals the show for me.  The samples hold multiple layers; who would have thought in 1989 there would be record on top of record? They change up at a ridiculous pace (not just on "B-Boy Bouillabaisse"), fitting all of the rhymes in such a way that it's like breaking in new shoes, if the analogy makes sense.  As Mike D once said about the lawsuits that occurred afterwards: "what's cooler than being sued by the Beatles?" It's unfortunate that sampling laws will keep us from hearing a record as close to the excellence of Paul's Boutique, but even without those laws, would we really hear that record?

By: CVoss

A1 To All The Girls
A2 Shake Your Rump
A3 Johnny Ryall
A4 Egg Man
B1 High Plains Drifter
B2 The Sounds Of Science
B3 3-Minute Rule
B4 Hey Ladies
C1 5-Piece Chicken Dinner
C2 Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
C3 Car Thief
C4 What Comes Around
C5 Shadrach
D1 Ask For Janice
D2 B-Boy Bouillabaisse: 59 Chrystie Street
D3 B-Boy Bouillabaisse: Get On The Mic
D4 B-Boy Bouillabaisse: Stop That Train
D5 B-Boy Bouillabaisse: A Year And A Day
D6 B-Boy Bouillabaisse: Hello Brooklyn
D7 B-Boy Bouillabaisse: Dropping Names
D8 B-Boy Bouillabaisse: Lay It On Me
D9 B-Boy Bouillabaisse: Mike On The Mic
D10 B-Boy Bouillabaisse: A.W.O.L.

Record Label : Capitol

Cat No: B0030361-01