Audio Technica LP60X Turntable (Black)

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We stock the Audio Technica range of turntables: We offer two different choices at two price points. This is the cheaper of the two, the ATLP60X

We also supply a excellent Amplified Speaker Set (connected by phono leads) to your turntable. Speakers can be bought separately or as part of a bundle deal.

Dig out all your LPs, EPs and limited edition 7” singles. The Audio Technica AT-LP60X Belt Drive Turntable runs at both 331/3 RPM and 45 RPM, so you can switch between your classic albums and brand new electronic releases in an instant. Includes: Two speeds and high-quality needle.

Just place the 45 RPM adapter down and flick the switch to 7”, hit play, sit back and unwind.

Don't worry about your record getting scratched when you nod off during that dreamy concept album. The AT-LP60X is fully automatic, meaning the platter stops spinning and the tonearm returns to the rest as soon as the record finishes.

No need to squint to find where the track starts, either. As soon as you press play, the needle will move to the start of the record. Easy.

A transparent and removable cover protects the AT-LP60X Turntable from dust so that the stylus is always clean and your music sounds crisp.


The LP60X comes in four different versions, and funny enough, all of them contain black as either a primary or secondary color. You can get this record player in black, brown and black, gunmetal and black, or red and black.

I also really like the buttons on this record player, as well. On the original LP60, the buttons on the front panel were bigger, wider, and stuck out further from the turntable’s panel.

Again, this is a more refined looking turntable, so the front panel buttons are now circular and a bit more recessed into the panel itself. To me, it gives off a less showy and cheap vibe and more of a classy visual appeal. It’s in no way a big deal in the long run, but visually, I much prefer the look of the LP60X.

Another small but improved visual detail that I like is how the dust cover meets the top of the turntable. On the LP60, the dustcover came down onto the turntable and meet the record player’s edges with little room for margin.

The AT-LP60X allows it’s dust cover to come down, with about an inch (maybe less) or room to remain in the front. And that extra room serves as a description panel for the front facing buttons. So now, you can—from the top down—see which button changes the speed of the record player, which button starts and stops the turntable, and which button lifts the tonearm up and down.

Again, not a major deal, but it’s worth nothing that those graphics used to be on the front panel of the AT-60. So, in order to see them, you’d have to be facing the turntable—it wasn’t as easy to read them when you were standing over the record player itself about to play or change a record.

Now, as you hover over the record player, you simply look down to see which button does which, thanks to Audio-Technica moving this text up from the front panel to the top of the turntable in front of the dust cover.

A small but really nice touch.


By: DevotionalVinyl. 

ATLP60X also available in BLUETOOTH version.