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Anna Calvi is the debut album of British singer-songwriter Anna Calvi, released on 14 January 2011, by Domino Records.  In Autumn, 2010, Calvi entered Black Box studio in France with producer Rob Ellis and, using vintage analogue equipment, created "a velvet Wall of Sound that justified the hype in the buildup to its 2011 release. Calvi herself said she was proud with the album and picked out two songs where she felt she'd got close to what she ultimately wanted to achieve: "Love Won’t Be Leaving" (noted for microscopic sound detailisation) and "The Devil". "I see music very visually. And I want the music itself to express the story as much, if not more, than the lyrics. I think I achieved that on Love Won’t Be Leaving," she commented on the former. As for the latter, "It’s a good example of how I wanted to make the guitar sound like another instrument. I wanted the middle-section to sound like the strings on a Hitchcock soundtrack. It crescendos towards an explosion, but in a real and honest way. It's not about bravado," she added.

Well it is nice to be there at the beginning, don't you agree? I have a bit of a thing about female solo recording artists, so it is nice to have 'discovered' Anna Calvi at the time of her debut album. I read about her in 'Q' magazine. Reading the CD notes I note that Anna Calvi plays all of the instruments on this album (except drums / percussion). That's impressive because there is some really interesting lead guitar on this album. The album opens with a dark and broody instrumental 'Rider To The Sea' and then works through nine fairly rich, dark, intense and I have to say sexy tracks. Without exactly being goth in style, this album does definitely offer a moody, night time kind of listen. Admirers of Nick Cave, PJ Harvey will appreciate this album. I am not going to heap too much praise, but the words 'great potential' come to mind. As I say, it's great to be there at the beginning of what could prove to be an interesting recording career.

By: Corkie.

A1 Rider To The Sea
A2 No More Words
A3 Desire
A4 Suzanne & I
A5 First We Kiss
B1 The Devil
B2 Blackout
B3 I'll Be Your Man
B4 Morning Light
B5 Love Won't Be Leaving

Catalogue Number: WIGLP260

Record Label: Domino