Fontaines D.C. - Dogrel (Vinyl)

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Dogrel is the debut studio album by Dublin post-punk band Fontaines D.C. It was released through Partisan Records on 12 April 2019. The album was nominated for Best Album of The Year at the Choice Music Prize. Tom Connock of NME stated that "the Irish troubadours come good on a debut album that offers both a storyteller's narrative voice and a snarling new vision of youthful disillusionment." Writing for The Skinny, Robin Murray, specifically praised the multitude of emotions the album evokes. Murray said that "Dogrel feels both overwhelming and tender, caustic and soothing, a blast of working class rage grown articulate while retaining its primal howl."

LP pressing on 1xLP 180-gram vinyl.


While Fontaines DC are a breath of fresh air in the Irish mainstream music scene, it must be said that we have seen this before. Noone seems to be mentioning the great Whipping Boy of the 90's as the precursors to these lads. Fontaines are bit more punk than rock but cant believe the similarities are being highlighted more. Another band that comes to mind are Cork punks (again of the 90's) Sultans of Ping. Regardless, these lads are the real deal and you know they must be good when every other band in Ireland hates their guts. The amount of vitriol directed in these lads direction from the general Irish scene is usually saved for Bono an his buds. To the album itself and the music, yes, believe the hype, its really good. The Dubilin (sic) accent might grate for some after awhile but its what makes the album stand out so much and is the perfect foil of the excellent, brooding post punk music that accompanies it. The songs are very strong and incredibly mature for a debut album. This is a tip of the hat as much to Shane Macgowan as it is to the likes of Sex Pistols and Joy Division. The common thread is a rallying against what is expected. One of the most memorable albums of 2019 and I look forward to seeing what these guys do next. They could go anywhere with their sound and their potential is immense.

By: RickofRicks.

A1 Big
A2 Shashasha
A3 Too real
A4 Television Screens
A5 Hurricane Laughter
A6 Roy's Tune
B1 The Lotts
B2 Chequeless Reckless
B3 Liberty Belle
B4 Boys In The Better Land
B5 Dublin City Sky

Catalogue Number: PTKF2166-1

Record Label: Partisan Records