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Madvillainy is the only studio album by American hip hop duo Madvillain, comprising MC MF Doom and producer Madlib. It was released on March 23, 2004, on Stones Throw Records.

The album was recorded between 2002 and 2004. Madlib created most of the instrumentals during a trip to Brazil in his hotel room using minimal amounts of equipment: a Boss SP-303 sampler, a turntable, and a tape deck. Fourteen months before the album was released, an unfinished demo version was stolen and leaked onto the internet. Frustrated, the duo stopped working on the album and returned to it only after they had released other solo projects.

While Madvillainy achieved only moderate commercial success, it became one of the best-selling Stones Throw albums. It peaked at number 179 on the US Billboard 200, and attracted attention from media outlets not usually covering hip hop music, including The New Yorker. Madvillainy received widespread critical acclaim for Madlib's production and MF Doom's lyricism, and is regarded as Doom's magnum opus.


I pretty much cannot stop listening to this album. I always wind up coming back to it even after another hip hop album impresses me and nothing has topped it yet. Madlib's beats are the best; the crazy experimental sampling with memorable and catchy sounds and melodies are perfect. Doom's rapping hits the spot with me; I know some people have a problem with his lazy style but it fits perfectly with the music. His lyrics are often brilliant too; I don't really care much about lyrics in general but I like what I hear here. The flow of the album is good too; the short track times keep the album going without ever getting repetitive, although there are songs I wish were longer because they are just so good ("Accordion", "Raid", and "All Caps" to name my three top). The segues are a bit dumb at times but I can overlook that because they're short and sort of necessary in keeping the flow going properly. The only thing about the album I don't like is "Bistro", but that isn't enough to keep it from ranking as high in my library as it does.

"Infinite replay value" to be sure.

By: 5thEye

1A The Illest Villains 1:55
2A Accordion 1:58
3A Meat Grinder 2:11
4A Bistro 1:08
5A Raid - Featuring – M.E.D. (2), Medaphoar - 2:35

1B America's Most Blunted - Featuring – Quasimoto 3:54
2B Sickfit (Inst.) 1:21
3B Rainbows 2:51
4B Curls 1:33
5B Do Not Fire! (Inst.) 0:52
6B Money Folder 2:41

1C Scene Two (Voice Skit) 0:20
2C Shadows Of Tomorrow - Featuring – Quas* 2:36
3C Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test 1:30
4C Figaro 2:25
5C Hardcore Hustle - Featuring – Wildchild 1:21
6C Strange Ways 1:23

1D (Intro) 0:29
2D Fancy Clown - Featuring – Viktor Vaughn, Vocals [Additional] – Allah's Reflection 1:55
3D Eye -Featuring – Stacy Epps 1:57
4D Supervillain Theme (Inst.) 0:52
5D All Caps 2:10
6D Great Day 2:16
7D Rhinestone Cowboy 4:00

Beats – Madlib
Coordinator [Project Coordination] – Egon
Design – Jeff Jank
Executive-Producer – Peanut Butter Wolf
Lacquer Cut By – JD*
Management [Doom's Management] – I.M.A.D.U. Music
MC – Doom*
Mixed By, Mastered By – Dave Cooley
Other [Project Consulant] – Miranda Jane
Photography By – Eric Coleman
Producer – Doom* (tracks: 1A), Madlib
Producer [Voice Skits] – Doom*
Recorded By [At Bionic] – Dave Cooley
Recorded By [At Doom's Crib] – Doom*
Recorded By [At The Bomb Shelter] – Madlib
Written-By – D. Dumile* (tracks: 1A to 1B, 3B, 4B, 6B to 3D, 5D to 7D), J. Brown* (tracks: 5C), Lord Scotch 79 (tracks: 6D), N. Rodriguez* (tracks: 5A), O. Jackson Jr.*