The Avalanches - We Will Always Love You (2xLP Black Vinyl)

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Building on the sample-based approach of their classic albums 'Since I Left You' and 'Wildflower', but stepping boldly into new terrain, 'We Will Always Love You' is a full length masterpiece from The Avalanches. An exploration of the vibrational relationship between light, sound and spirit, 'We Will Always Love You' doubles as 'an exploration of the human voice' and a spiritual reckoning via the big questions 'who are we really? What happens when we die?'. The Avalanches's music has always dripped with melody, but because of this expanded role for guest singers and writers, 'We Will Always Love You' is their most song-oriented album yet.

LP pressing on 180-gram black vinyl. 

This stitched together audio quilt of lilting weirdness delivered all I expected, following as it does in the same vein as Wildflower. I don't pretend to fully understand what The Avalanches are trying to say, or how they decide on the interwoven continuities of an album - or, indeed, if those continuities add up to a pre-determined creative concept or theme - but there is something about their sound that pushes buttons on the periphery of memory, where scraps of dialogue, familiar and yet unfamiliar voices, rhythmic repetitions and part-songs drag at elusive sensibilities until it all begins to make some kind of sense, until the point at which it doesn't. Marvellously original stuff and well worth having on repeat.

By: PP Prong

A1 Ghost Story
A2 Song For Barbara Payton
A3 We Will Always Love You
A4 The Divine Chord
A5 Solitary Ceremonies
A6 Interstellar Love
A7 Ghost Story Pt. 2
A8 Reflecting Light
B9 Carrier Waves
B10 Oh The Sunn!
B11 We Go On
B12 Star Song.IMG
B13 Until Daylight Comes
B14 Wherever You Go
B15 Music Makes Me High
B16 Pink Champagne
C17 Take Care In Your Dreaming
C18 Overcome
C19 Gold Sky
C20 Always Black
C21 Dial D For Devotion
D22 Running Red Lights
D23 Born To Lose
D24 Music Is The Light
D25 Weightless

Catalogue Number:  060250849963

Record Label: Astralwerks