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'Circles' is the sixth and final studio album by Mac Miller. Conceived as a sister album to 2018's full length, 'Swimming'. While sonically distinctly different than its predecessor, 'Circles' features many of the hallmarks for which 'Swimming' was critically-acclaimed upon its release - Miller further realising his singing voice in addition to rapping, live instrumentation and earnest, confessional lyrical content.


An absolutely fantastic album. A double edged sword in that it sonically, sounds beautiful, memorising and a true masterpiece by Mac Miller and Jon Brion. Yet as this could truly be called his last album it is what you would expect. A very difficult listen in so much as many of the tracks are so bleak and honest it serves as a reminder to me that this is the voice of a lost great, likely still approaching his creative peak but hauntingly lays bare his own weaknesses, depression, and foreboding that his time may be limited through his own addictions and vulnerabilities. Not by any manner of means an album for the casual listeners, this is something that to truly be able to fit into some kind of perspective, one would have to go back to Macs mixtape beginnings and his ascending through the ranks and big label cd releases, listen to the maturation of his lyrical, vocal and musical abilities and understand that Mac, like many of us, was not a broken soul, but was a product of western society. A desire, a wanting to feel alive and free, sober and clarity, but was worn down by the excesses and pressures, expectations and isolations of fame, fortune and temptation. Trying to find peace through the very mediums, platform and chemicals that society churns out and consumes daily. Mac was unfortunately a true product of our society yet at the same time an absolutely astounding wordsmith and musician. Mac Miller will through time I believe, will be bestowed the achievements and accolades that he deserved in his lifetime. He commands ultimate respect in the Hip Hop community world, worked with some of the heavyweight and influential producers and artists in his lifetime and has amassed billions of views across dozens of streaming platforms for real good reason. "Circles", like "Swimming" MUST be heard, to be truly appreciated.

By: O. Young

Side 1
1 Circles
2 Complicated
3 Blue World
4 Good News
5 Hands
6 Surf
7 Once a Day
Side 2
1 I Can See
2 Everybody
3 Woods
4 Hand Me Downs
Side 3
1 That's On Me
2 Hands
3 Surf
4 Once A Day
Side 4
1 Right
2 Floating

Record Label : warner