Nirvana - Nevermind 30th Anniversary Limited Edition (Vinyl LP + 7" Single)

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Commemorating the 30th anniversary of Nirvana's seminal 1991 release, Nevermind has been newly remastered from the original analog tapes. The 1 LP version has been expanded to a premium tip-on gatefold jacket for the first time and includes a brand new 7-inch vinyl for "Endless, Nameless" with B-sides "Even In His Youth" and "Aneurysm."

I have many copies of Nevermind, including the Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition,and this edition is great. First of all, this gatefold is super nice and about time. The image is very clean, the jacket is nice and firm. More durable and less susceptible to creases. Next, the record came super clean, something many new releases miss on quality control unfortunately these days. The 7 inch record was clean and the jacket was sharp. I played the record immediately upon opening. In my opinion, the past Pallas pressing was excellent and affordable. The 20th anniversary edition was also well pressed and sounded great. I noticed the drums really sound crisp, the vocals sound in your room quality and the detail is obviously present. Base lines are very rich and deep in my opinion. My record collection is not world class, somewhere around 900 albums. They are a mix of repress and first press, with many somewhere in between. But anyone who appreciates vinyl knows that some records really fill the room and have amazing presence. I have dozens that stand out,this Nevermind Anniversary issue is in that company. My audio set is not that of a professional or millionaire, but it is respectable. My cartridge is an Ortofon red. I know there are better and more expensive setups, but most people don't spend 10k or more on a turntable, pre amp and speakers. So if you have a quality but modest rig around 1200 to 1500 bucks like mine, im sure you'll enjoy this record. Overall the jacket gets an A+ on image and construction for durability and presentation. The record itself is shiny clean, nice label, and flat. The record comes in a black inner sleeve. If you don't own a descent copy of Nevermind and don't want to drop 60 to 100 bucks on one, im fairly certain you'll find the 30 bucks well spent.

By: D.Stone

A1 Smells Like Teen Spirit
A2 In Bloom
A3 Come As You Are
A4 Breed
A5 Lithium
A6 Polly
B1 Territorial Pissings
B2 Drain You
B3 Lounge Act
B4 Stay Away
B5 On A Plain
B6 Something In The Way
C Endless, Nameless
D1 Even In His Youth
D2 Aneurysm

On yellow/black hype sticker:
30th Anniversary Edition
Limited Edition
180-Gram Premium Gatefold Jacket + 7-Inch
Newly Remastered