Various Artists - The Rough Guide to the music of West Africa (Vinyl)

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This Rough Guide illuminates the fullest-fattest cream of West African music that has passed through the doors of Riverboat Records HQ over the last twenty-five years.

Featuring tracks by many wonderful artists including Victor Uwaifo, Koo Nimo, Mory Kanté, Etran Finatawa, Sally Nyolo and Samba Touré, plus Malian guitar heroes Samba Touré and Anansy Cissé.

Stretching some eighteen countries from Mauritania in the North to Congo in the South, West Africa is a place of many music's. This selection focuses on the powerhouses of Senegal and Mali in the main. Enjoy our handpicked cuts and get ready to get knee-deep in the archive.


This disc has everything you could ask for: delicate folk to danceable, tuneful pop. Just the occasional bout of tuneless twiddling. A great stepping-off point to discover new performers.

By: Simon Harvey

A1 –Nuru Kane Afrika 03:33
A2 –Samba Touré Alabina 04:09
A3 –Miria - Union Malian Des Aveugles Farinya Manji 05:21
A4 –Daby Balde Kaye Waxma 05:03
B1 –Etran Finatawa Kel Tamasheck 05:05
B2 –Anansy Cissé Fati Ka 04:35
B3 –Bidjoï Sisters Chantal 03:24
B4 –Mory Kanté Mama 05:02

Product Dimensions : 14 x 12.7 x 0.61 cm; 49.9 Grams
Manufacturer : World Music Network
Original Release Date : 2017
Label : World Music Network
Number of discs : 1