V/A The Ballad Of JFK - A Musical History Of The John F. Kennedy Assassination (1963-1968) (Vinyl)

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A pivotal moment in 20th century politics, history and culture – the November 22nd 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy (in Dallas, Texas) produced a mountainous range of forgotten, discarded and ghostly vinyl artifacts.

Country songs, private-press lamentations, mournful poetry and violent political diatribes were rushed onto rough-hewn 45s and marginal LPs that vied to be heard above the noise and confusion.

Collected here for the very first time are 20 of the strangest, most affectionate, controversial and insightful.

Blistering indictments of the alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, haunting reflections on destiny and co-incidence, profound ballads of regret and striking protestations for the truth.

A tumultuous archive, previously consigned to oblivion, that captures events, emotions, recollections, grief, pain and anger – a plasticized ‘Stone Tape’ formed in reverberant rubble.

As the controversy around John F. Kennedy’s death refuses to subside, so these vinyl relics continue to whisper from the shadows.


Fact or Conspiracy? Murdered in plain sight. On 'live' TV. Must have been shocking was watch on your idiot box. Poor Americans. What did the Kennedy's do to deserve to be systematically wiped out over decades. Blame it on the father, Joe. Whatever way you look at it, this 'hit' was planned out and then spun to the public in the opposite direction: Oswald did not shoot him (he was apparently situation behind the target, yet his alleged bullet hit JFK, knocking him forward, defying the laws of physics. Oswalds' shooter Jack Ruby (a CIA shill agent with multiple alias's then went missing). JFK's brother Robert was also shot live to TV, his assassin was triggered mind controled MKULTRA style and does not remember any of it. Lydon Johnson who was conveniently in Dallas that day, was sworn into office within minutes of the hit. George Bush senior (rest in pieces you evil man) was also in Dallas that fateful day, overseeing a covet CIA meeting at the same plaza. What? Really? Hmmmm. If you are not already woke to the fact that literally every major global event has been covertly covered-up; then you are sleepwalking to a soulless afterlife and you'll deserve endless years of naivety, confusion and badly-placed self-righteousness.

By: TedC137

Autry Inman - Ballad Of John F. Kennedy
David Price - The World Lost A Man
Charles Wright - November 22, 1963
Leamon Allen Jr. - The Ballad Of John F. Kennedy
Doc Williams - Why Do The Good Die Young?
Oswald: Self Portrait In Red (Excerpt)
Red River Dave - Ballad Of Lee Oswald
Johnny Rebel - Keep A Workin’ Big Jim
Mrs. Marguerite Oswald - Comment (Excerpt)
Alex Harvey - The Ballad Of John F. Kennedy
The President’s Assassin Speaks (Excerpt)
Buddy Starcher - History Repeats Itself
Michael Goldman - The Spontaneous Man, The Gifted Assassin
Bobby Atkins - Memories Of President John F. Kennedy
X. J. Kennedy - Down In Dallas
Don & Ebby - J.F.K.
The Keys - Lovely Roses (Stained With Red)
Penn Jones Jr. - Comment (Excerpt)
Belconti Quartet - The Life Of A President: John F. Kennedy
Jimmy Newman - November 22, 1963

Limited Edition Deluxe Gatefold LP with scholarly liner notes by David Thrussell
Incredibly rare 45s and subterranean cuts reissued for the very first time
Full dynamic range 2016 remasters direct from the first generation analogue master tapes