Tori Amos - Under The Pink (Vinyl)

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Little Earthquakes is the debut solo album of singer-songwriter Tori Amos, featuring the singles "Silent All These Years", "China", "Winter" and "Crucify". After Atlantic Records rejected the first version of the album, Amos began working on a second version with her boyfriend at the time Eric Rosse. The second final version of the album was accepted by the record company. However, this was still revised before the final release; a 13-track promo cassette shows that the song "Little Earthquakes" was to appear after "Happy Phantom" on side one, with side two closing with "Flying Dutchman". The latter track was presumably dropped due to the physical restraints of the vinyl LP format.
LP pressing on 1xLP 180-gram vinyl. 

I'd been aware of Tori for years before I actually checked her out. I'd always been turned away by her reputation for being feminist to the point of being militant -- however, when I did finally check out Little Earthquakes, I simply found brilliant songwriting. Yes, the subjects of abortion and other female topics can sometimes be uncomfortable to the male listener (i.e. me), but the imagery is powerful and Tori's voice is gorgeous. The comparison that many make is Kate Bush, but for me, Little Earthquakes is better than anything Ms. Bush ever did.

By: HeroicPenguin. 

A1 Pretty Good Year
A2 God
A3 Bells For Her
A4 Past The Mission
A5 Baker Baker
A6 The Wrong Band
A7 The Waitress
B1 Cornflake Girl
B2 Icicle
B3 Cloud On My Tongue
B4 Space Dog
B5 Yes, Anastasia

Catalogue Number: R1-82567

Record Label: Atlantic/Warner

Version: Half-Speed Master Cut at Abbey Road Studios, London

Features: New Liner Notes