The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike (Vinyl)

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This year marks the 15th anniversary of The Go! Team's Mercury prize nominated debut album. The brainchild of Brighton native Ian Parton who recorded the record in his parents house and then recruited a group of musician's and MC's to play the songs live.
The music is an effervescent celebration of kidulthood with everything thrown into the mix: TV theme tunes, scratching, Lee Hazlewood samples, video game sound effects and even some banjos. Somehow it all combines to produce a great party album that can also be appreciated for its fuzzy nostalgic vibe.
If you ever wanted to know what a 60s garage band gatecrashing Malcolm Mcclaren's double dutch video would sound like, look no further.
The anniversary release is pressed on 180g silver vinyl, so jump on your Raleigh Chopper and get down to your friendly local record shop while there's still some left!

LP repressing on 1xLP 180-gram vinyl. This is the 15th anniversary edition of this classic debut, on SILVER vinyl.

Thunder, Lightning, Strike is the rarest of alt-twee records.  An album that pays homage to no one, yet appeals to anyone who ever liked a song for making them feel good.  80s breakbeat, 70s cartoon themes, and gleeful horn sections fill-up the wall of fun soundscapes that occupy The Go! Teams far better and restrained (hard to believe, in 2004) album.  The cold, hard indie rox of "Junior Kickstart" and post-cheerleader pop of "The Power is On" might be the first musical boners I ever had, and you had to believe I was checking soulseek every day for a year until I finally got my virtual panda paws on 8 musical godsends I've been cheated out of since birth.  TLS sounds like so many things I'm fond of but never heard before in music or I can find a direct influence that I can 100% stand behind.  "Feelgood by Numbers" sounds like Charlie Brown, "Everyone's a V.I.P. to Someone" is the happiest 70s comedy-action film an army squad theme (so much that it makes me cry), and "Huddle Formation" is a Gatorade commercial from 2300--so hyper and alien you can't quite make out what it wants to say, but, CHRIST!, it gets your adrenaline going.  I wouldn't attack the album's detractors by saying, "I guess you, sad sack, just don't like fun", but I can't help from thinking it.  TLS somehow conveys the same hopefulness and fun that so many classic indie rock anthems have, without any of the nomenclature, crutches, or techniques that we've all expected.  I'm sure I've seen a mainstream publication somehow tie the album to DJ Shadow, which is obscene but you really can't blame them.  The only thing viable here is the emotion, and happiness is always the hardest one to tame.

By: LonelyPanda.

A1 Panther Dash
A2 Ladyflash
A3 Feelgood by Numbers
A4 The Power Is On
A5 Get It Together
A6 We Just Won't Be Defeated
B1 Junior Kickstart
B2 Air Raid Gtr
B3 Bottle Rocket
B4 Friendship Update
B5 Hold Yr Terror Close
B6 Huddle Formation

B7 Everyone's a V.I.P. To Someone 

Catalogue Number: ZEN236

Record Label: Ninja Tune

Cover sticker says: Double LP, Featuring collaborations with Nick Murphy, Rhye & Hundred Waters. Plus Download Code.