Faces - Snakes and Ladders, The Best Of Faces (Vinyl)

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Snakes and Ladders / The Best of Faces was a best-of album by British rock group Faces, originally in 1976. While the first released Faces compilation was a simple repackaging of the group's first two LPs as a double album, this US-only release presented the first attempt to compile the popular songs from the group after they had disbanded in 1975. Featuring photography by Tom Wright and unique cover art by guitarist Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones). The selections are however heavily biased in favour of Rod Stewart's contribution to the group, with only one track featuring Wood on vocals, and none featuring Ronnie Lane, the group's secondary vocalist and songwriter. Includes the mega-hits, "Stay With Me", "Ooh La La" & "Pool Hall Richard".

LP pressing on 180-gram vinyl.


Issued by Warner Bros Records in 1976, Snakes and Ladders: The Best of Faces, pulls together twelve tracks from the ever-drinking British band one year after the Faces officially broke-up. The collection of singles and album cuts compresses many of the best tracks from Woody, Rod 'n' the lads. During their run, the party-on Faces blew out straight shootin' rock, gin soaked blues and rolicking boogie. The group's spirited recordings provide the perfect soundtrack for knockin' back booze and partying late into the night. If you don't like the Faces, then you don't like rock 'n' roll. The Snakes and Ladders single slab of black vinyl, featuring the legendary "Stay With Me", plus "Had Me a Real Good Time", "Ooh La La", and "Cindy Incidently", is a sweet compilation, drenched with real rock 'n' roll. The songs take the listener back to an era when the music was all that mattered. The front and back cover is loaded with numerous captivating black 'n' white camera shots of the Faces, many of which capture the spirit of the group.

By: JonFox.

A1 Pool Hall Richard
A2 Cindy Incidentially
A3 Ooh La La
A4 Sweet Lady Mary
A5 Flying
A6 Pineapple and the Monkey
B1 You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything
B2 Had Me A Real Good Time
B3 Stay With Me
B4 Miss Judy's Farm
B5 Silicone Grown
B6 Around The Plinth

Catalogue Number: 03497859207
Record Label: Warner