Rory Gallagher - Fresh Evidence (Vinyl)

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Fresh Evidence is Rory Gallagher's eleventh and last studio album, his fourteenth album overall. The album was unusual in that Gallagher used more additional musicians and spent more time recording than he normally did. Not as unusual, the songs show his love for blues artists such as Robert Johnson and Son House and for other genres such as Zydeco as well. The album explores themes of ill health, mortality, and fighting back against overwhelming odds. It shows the toll that Gallagher's health problems were starting to take on him.

LP pressing on 180-gram vinyl.


I love this guy and especially in the 1970's he delivered some of the finest blues rock there was. Gallagher's guitarplaying was exceptional and in my humble opinion he never recorded a bad album in his career. Even if his 80's albums aren't as amazing as his 70's records are those are still pretty good albums. And there are some true diamonds included in his 80's albums too.
Fresh Evidence from 1990 turned out to be Rory's last album because he passed away in 1995 after liver transplant complications. He got an MRSA infection which caused him his life. He is still in shape in this record even if his health was going even worse due to his drinking problems. He still knows how to throw some killer guitarwork. "Kid Gloves", "Heaven's Gate" and "Slumming Angel" represent some of the greatest parts in here.
If you like Gallagher's music and you know what to expect here I recommend you to check his last album out. If you're new to Rory's music then I would recommend you to start with some other album than this one. Give a try to his S/T debut, Deuce, Tattoo or Calling Card for example if you want to get into his music. It's worth it. One of the all time greats inside the blues rock world.

By: CooperBolan.

A1 Kid Gloves
A2 The King of Zydeco
A3 Middle Name
A4 Alexis
A5 Empire State Express
B1 Ghost Blues
B2 Heaven's Gate
B3 The Loop
B4 Walkin' Wounded
B5 Slumming Angel

Catalogue Number: 0255797698

Record Label: UMC