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Deuce is the second solo album by Rory Gallagher, released in 1971. In contrast with his previous album, Rory Gallagher, where Gallagher tried for a precise, organised sound, Deuce was his first of many attempts to capture the energy of a live performance in the studio. Deuce was recorded at Tangerine Studios in Dalston with Gerry McAvoy on bass guitar and Wilgar Campbell on drums. The engineer was Robin Sylvester and it was produced by Rory Gallagher. In order to capture the feeling of a live performance that Gallagher wanted, he would often record immediately before or after live performances while keeping production at a minimum. At the time of release, Deuce was not a huge success. However, over the years the album has remained popular with Gallagher's fans which include many legendary guitarists. For example, Johnny Marr of The Smiths said in an interview: "There was one day when I was playing along with the Deuce album which was a complete turning point for me as a guitar player".


Available on 1xLP on heavyweight vinyl. Includes digitial download card.


Another really good wee record, maybe a bit more heavier on the blues sound this time round, indeed gallaghers slide playing is just unbelievable in places here.
Recorded with his basic rhythm section (who wisely tend not to do anything flashy) gallagher lets rip with some solid blues rock, sometimes stretching into similar areas as santana on "theres a light" or channelling his love for lonnie donegan and big bill broonzy on "don't know where i'm going" and "out of my mind".
My faves were the surprising western/celtic hybrid of "i'm not awake yet" and the almost indie rock jangle of "maybe i will" where once again gallagher shows himself to be a surprising and entertainingly diverse player.


By: BobG.

A1 Used To Be
A2 I’m Not Awake Yet
A3 Don’t Know Where I’m Going
A4 Maybe I Will
A5 Whole Lot of People
B1 In Your Town
B2 Should’ve Learned My Lesson
B3 There’s A Light
B4 Out Of My Mind
B5 Crest of a Wave

Remastered from the original 1/4" master tapes. 180g heavyweight vinyl includes download card.