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Pablo Honey is the debut album by English ‘rock’ band Radiohead. It was released on 22 February 1993 in the United Kingdom by Parlophone and in the United States by Capitol Records. It was primarily produced by Sean Slade and Paul Q.Kolderie and recorded at Chipping Norton Recording Studios in Oxfordshire from September to November 1992.
Pablo Honey peaked at number 22 on the UK Albums Chart, and received generally favourable reviews, but some criticised its grunge sound as derivative and found certain songs underdeveloped. The album is often held in a negative light in comparison to the band's later experimental work, although some retrospective reviews have been positive. Pablo Honey produced the infamous single “Creep”.


Underrated due to the extreme turnaround in their career from this spot. This isn't experimental Radiohead, this isn't sadcore, this isn't intricate ambient nor psychedelic electronic. This is guitar driven garage rock. And it's a damn good one. Everyone knows Creep, but the rest of these are more than solid rockers. Underrated due to empty pretentiousness of Radiohead fans and critics that pin this one as a "bad album", due to their complete lack of relevance. Because plenty of other bands would probably reach high praise with an album like this, probably pointing out the "modesty, simplicity and sincerity" and pure drive of the band. But since this is Radiohead and this isn't Ok Computer, things get uneven.
By: Mouth.

A1 You
A2 Creep
A3 How Do You?
A4 Stop Whispering
A5 Thinking About You
A6 Anyone Can Play Guitar
B1 Ripcord
B2 Vegetable
B3 Prove Yourself
B4 I Can't
B5 Lurgee
B6 Blow Out

Issued with a colour printed inner sleeve and a download coupon.
Heavy pressed vinyl, but not marketed as 180g or suchlike.
This later Repress does not have the misprints found on the inner sleeve of the reissue.
Recorded at Chipping Norton Studio, Oxon, except B4 & B5 recorded at Courtyard Studio, Oxon.
Mixed at Fort Apache, Roxbury, Mass. Mastered at Abbey Road.