Phoenix - Ti Amo (Vinyl)

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Phoenix is an indie pop band from Versaliies, France (Daft Punk country). Ti Amo is their sixth studio album & it was released on 9 June 2017 by Loyauté. Recording began in 2014 at an arts centre that was built at the site of a theatre. The band promoted the album by releasing two singles and embarking on a world tour. "J-Boy" was the first single, released on 27 April 2017, and "Ti Amo" was the second, released on 18 May. The album received generally positive reviews from critics.
Ti Amo has been described as featuring synth-pop and Italo disco throughout. Phoenix said in a press release that the album is about "our European, Latin roots, a fantasized version of Italy", and that the songs focus on "simple, pure emotions: love, desire, lust, and innocence". Guitarist Laurent Brancowitz commented that the album recalls "summer and Italian discos". Daniel Glass,head of Glassnote Records, stated: "I think the record came out of darkness, out of concern. But what's resulted is this incredibly colorful record.”


What a surprisingly good album! Even though I've known about and liked Phoenix since LOST IN TRANSLATION and of course the buzz they got surrounding 1901, etc.

This was really the first time I had my "moment" with the band. And in this particular case, I'm glad that my "moment" seemed like an isolated event. I listened to a few songs on this album a ton after seeing them live. Prob nonstop for a week. When meeting up with friends, I would bring it up in conversation -- "hey, have you heard that Phoenix song?" -- didn't seem like anyone was really as interested as I was! And I can't really blame them. The album had already been out a year by the time I got into it. And I wasn't even really interested in the most popular songs from the album.

BUT in any case, I was kind of glad that my moment felt remote - I also like the experience of figuring out something in a collective way too. But there is def a magic to a few of these songs. A magic that is sort of disconnected from reality. In a kind of Daft Punk DIGITAL LOVE kind of way. You listen to it a bunch, and you feel kind of intoxicated almost. And so to listen to this and experience this, in a kind of detached from reality fashion - I have to say that it was kind of nice.

By: FreddySplendor.

A1 J-Boy
A2 Ti Amo
A3 Tuttifrutti
A4 Fior Di Latte
A5 Lovelife
B1 Goodbye Soleil
B2 Fleur De Lys
B3 Role Model
B4 Via Veneto
B5 Telefono

LP x 180g Heavyweight Vinyl. Album on limited edition Coke Bottle Clear version.