Pearl Jam - Gigaton 2xLP (Vinyl)

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Gigaton is the eleventh studio album by the American grunge veterans Pearl Jam, released on March 27, 2020. It is the band's first studio album in seven years. The album's track listing was confirmed by the band on January 20, 2020. The cover artwork was produced by photographer Paul Nicklen.

Kerrang! writer George Garner gave the album a perfect score, and wrote: "it's Pearl Jam's most incensed album since 2006. It's their most musically inventive since 1998. And, by virtue of its themes, it is their most gravely needed of their entire career. It is, in short, a triumph". Garner also noted that Gigaton "often zips along so quickly that on first listen it's easy to miss the details that make it so special"


'Gigaton' is a return to form from a great band. I bought this on vinyl and it is beautifully presented. I enjoyed each and every track, but I usually do. I enjoyed 'Backspacer' a lot when it came out.
Many fans will always cite 'Ten', or 'Versus' as their best albums, and they are. However, I feel that this album compares well with other albums, and I feel that Pearl Jam excite me more than most new, or current bands. As a musician, they are inspirational.

By: MarcoPolo1979.

A1 Who Ever Said
A2 Superblood Wolfmoon
A3 Dance Of The Clairvoyants
A4 Quick Escape
B1 Alright
B2 Seven O'Clock
B3 Never Destination
B4 Take The Long Way
C1 Buckle Up
C2 Comes Then Goes
C3 Retrograde
C4 River Cross

Recorded at GT Studios, Seattle WA as well as Jump Site Studios, Seattle WA and Horseback Court, Montana
Track B4: Drums & backing vocals recorded at the Ballard Baitshop
Mixed at A. Street Sound, Seattle WA

Double vinyl release with one etched side. Gatefold cover with a 32-page booklet.

There are different versions of the etching on side D. This one reads "Is This You?"