Nightmares on Wax - Smokers Delight 2xLP (Vinyl)

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Smokers Delight is the second studio album by Nightmares On Wax (George Evelyn, is an English DJ and record producer from Leeds). It was released in 1995 on Warp in the UK/Europe. A trip-hop classic.

Few records from this era quite capture the nexus of styles that trip-hop could represent at its best than Nightmares On Wax’s second album for Warp. Pulling from the same influences that defined the late 1980s rave explosion, Smokers Delight reconfigured the UK’s summer of love for the Discman generation while remaining just as suited to chill-out room comedowns or Ibiza sunset sessions.


This is a summer album, perhaps no album (other than NOW's follow up to Smokers Delight, Carboot Soul) captures the lazy, hazy nature of hot, humid summer days and nights than Nightmare's on Wax's Smoker's Delight and it's glorious hybrid sound of dub, smooth soul, jazz-funk fusion, and trip hop. Over the course of it's 74 minutes, Smoker's Delight takes us on a stoned, soulful journey where during a summer night out while driving through the city, the past of soul and jazz funk music (or should I say the ghosts of soul and jazz funk music's past) mixes with the present in a gloriously tripped out fashion to connect us with the spirit of soul and jazz funk's great past while also giving us a whole new good time in the heat of a summer evening.

By: RSS.

A1 Nights Introlude
A2 Dredd Over Board
A3 Pipes & Honour
B1 Me & You
B2 Stars
B3 Wait A Minute
B4 Praying for a Jeepbeat
B5 Groove St
C1 Time (To Listen)
C2 (Man) Tha Journey
C3 Bless My Soul
C4 Cruise (Son’t Stop)
D1 Mission Venice
D2 What I’m Feelin’
D3 Rise
D4 Rise (Reprise)
D5 Gambia via Vagator Beach