New Order - Low-Life (Vinyl)

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Low-Life is the third studio album by English rock band New Order, released on 13 May 1985 by Factory Records. It is considered to be among the band's strongest work, displaying the moment they completed their transformation from post-punkhold-overs to dance-rockers. The album shows New Order's increased incorporation of synuthesisers and samplers, while still preserving the rock elements of their earlier work. The album's artwork is the only New Order release to feature photographs of the band members on its cover.


A really stupendous followup to Power, Corruption, And Lies; "Love Vigilantes" is a disarming jingle, "The Perfect Kiss" is their most worthy follow up to "Blue Monday" as a club single, but nothing can prepare you for the one-two punch that wraps the two sides of the record together. "Sunrise" is a seismic recording, almost reminiscent of The Cure, and "Elegia" is a haunting, immersive instrumental interlude. They're two of the band's best cuts, but the dance tracks don't feel out of place either.

"Face Up" is my subjective favorite; I always think it pairs brilliantly with "Age Of Consent," like it comes out alive and looks back at the relationship through eyes our narrator was too naïve or blindly hopeful to see before cutting things off.

By: Leif.T

A1 Love Vigilantes
A2 The Perfect Kiss
A3 The Time of Night
A4 Sunrise
B1 Elegia
B2 Sooner Than You Think
B3 Sub-Culture
B4 Face Up

1 x LP Reissue on Warner Records.