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Get Ready is the seventh studio album by English rock band New Order. It was released on 27 August 2001 in the United Kingdom by London Records and on 16 October 2001 in the United States by Reprise Records. It was the band's first studio album in eight years, following 1993's Republic, and was their last to feature the original lineup.

Peter Hook stated that the album's title "could mean anything or nothing. I thought it was just nice; New Order, Get Ready; 'cause we are, we're getting ready for the next phase of our musical lives both physically and mentally, so it's quite a simple thing but it's very pertinent."

The album was dedicated to Rob Gretton, the manager of Joy Division and New Order, who died in 1999. This record features Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie & Andrew Innes, and Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. 

The album features cover art directed by Peter Saville and designed by Howard Wakefield, who have also designed covers for other New Order and Joy Division albums. The cover model is German actress Nicolette Krebitz.


After and eight year hiatus following what at that point was the weakest album of their career, New Order come back with their best post 80’s album, Get Ready. What make the album a success compared to other bands that comeback after an extended absence is New Order’s ability to blend their distinctly 80’s sound with musical climate at the time of the album’s release. Not trapped in the 80’s but not overly reliant the studio tricks that had surface since their last release, they strike a good balance. This is partially accomplished by an increase in the role of lead guitar which no longer functions solely as a rhythm instrument. This increase role makes some of the tracks less groove based than their previous albums but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s still enough of the “old” New Order to appease longtime fans while not alienating listeners for which Get Ready is their first exposure to the band.

The album plays it’s best card early with the opening “Crystal” (fun fact – The Killers took their name from the band in the music video for this song). “Crystal” starts off in a building capacity before turning into a fairly standard New Order track and eventually morphing into a breakdown over the track’s latter half. Billy Corgan of all people makes a guest appearance on “Turn My Way” which while completely random isn’t unwelcome. From there the album chugs along with a series of tracks that don’t grab my attention and serve at best serve as nice background music until “Rock the Shack”. The instrumentation on the track is fine but the repetitive “Rock the Shack” chorus gets on my nerves. The album finishes strong with the acoustic driven “Run Wild”. It doesn’t really fit with the character of the album but is effective nonetheless. Overall, Get Ready is the best New Order album post Technique even if that in and of itself isn’t too hard to accomplish. If you’re looking to check out the band I would alternatively recommend Power, Corruption & Lies.
Favorites: “Crystal” “Turn My Way” “Run Wild”

By: Hawkeyes.

1. "Crystal" 6:51
2. "60 Miles an Hour" 4:34
3. "Turn My Way" (featuring Billy Corgan) 5:05
4. "Vicious Streak" 5:40
5. "Primitive Notion" 5:43
6. "Slow Jam" 4:53
7. "Rock the Shack" (featuring Bobby Gillespie)
New OrderFlood[a] 4:12
8. "Someone Like You" 5:42
9. "Close Range" 4:13
10. "Run Wild"

In memory of Rob Gretton.

Mixed at Pulse Studios Ireland (Track B2).

Credited "with thanks to Coco", the cover model is German actress Nicolette Krebitz.

℗ 2001 London Records 90 Ltd.
© 2001 London Records 90 Ltd.
The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by London Records 90 Ltd.
Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe.