Kim Gordon - No Home Record (Vinyl)

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No Home Record is the debut solo album by Kim Gordon (ex-Sonic Youth).  The album was produced by Justin Raisen after the two met in an Airbnb, and is named after Chantal Akerman's 2015 documentary No Home Movie. The album has received positive reviews. No Home Record is Kim Gordon's first solo album in her 38-year music career. According to Gordon, she decided to start working on the album after meeting producer Raisen who asked her to sing on a project that he had been working on, which became the basis for the song "Murdered Out". The two decided to continue working on a solo album. It was released October 11, 2019.

LP pressing on 2xLP gatefold 180-gram vinyl.


Kim in 2020: A thriving visual artist living in Los Angeles, she puts out her first solo album at the age of 66, a dark, noisy, edm-influenced affair that is definitely better than like half of all those stupid sonic youth records that your shitty uncle who's collected records for 30 years instead of having a life keeps trying to get you into.  In 2020 is making perhaps her most relevant and personal work, her instagram stories are delightful vids of her and her gal pals volunteering for Bernie Sanders, and tbh she is really keepin' it tight.
Thurston in 2020:  A visibly aged, sad sack of shit who walks around and kids point and laugh at him and go, "hey, there's that fucking cunt who cheated on Kim Gordon, like literally the coolest woman in the world and he threw it away for some gutter strange."  Puts out a stream of endless, interminable drivel that could've been made by a llama slapping its erect member against a feedbacking stratocaster.  Was cool in the 90's in many of the same ways that the quarterback of the football team was cool in high school -- after the fun's over everyone realizes that when you strip away his elevated social status he's really just an annoying prick who thinks he's better than everybody else because his dumb collection of dumb japanoise cassettes is bigger and dumber than everyone else's....This album's great.

By: Nickpuntoforhof.

  • A1 Sketch Artist

  • A2 Air BnB

  • A3 Paprika Pony

  • A4 Murdered Out

  • A5 Don't Play It

  • B1 Cookie Butter

  • B2 Hungry Baby

  • B3 Earthquake

  • B4 Get Yr Life Back

Catalogue Number:  OLE13791

Record Label: Matador Records.