John Fogerty - Centerfield 12" (RSD Exclusive) (Vinyl)

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"Centerfield" is the title track from ex-Creedence Clearwater Revival man John Fogerty's album's Centerfield; Fogerty's first solo album after a nine-year hiatus. Originally the b-side of the album's second single, "Rock and Roll Girls" (#16 US, Spring 1985), the song is now commonly played at baseball games across the United States. Along with "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" it is one of the best-known baseball songs. In 2010, Fogerty became the only musician to be celebrated at the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony when "Centerfield" was honored by the National Baseball Hall Of Fame.

12" printed on Baseball stitched look, an RSD2019 exclusive.


A song about baseball...not quite as-it-was but more as-we-wish-it-used-to-be. Where it's boys playing a boys game for the sheer joy of it, in a world without greedy owners or spitballs or oppressive contracts. (Never mind fixed games and steroids.) It's pleasant enough, but the fact is - I've mainly heard this song over the last thirty years in conjunction with Major League Baseball or some related sales pitch (Opening Day savings on Ford Pickups!) For Baseball fans all over the world series!!

By: DonKarnage.

A1 Centerfield (3.50)
B1 Rock and Roll Girls (3.26)

Catalogue Number: 40505388365726

Record Label: Warner