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Wasteland, Baby! is the second studio album by Irish musician Hozier, released on 1 March 2019 by Rubyworks Records. It is Hozier's first album since 2014. The album includes the songs "Nina Cried Power" and "Shrike" from the 2018 EP Nina Cried Power, as well as the single "Movement". Hozier stated that he had performed for his debut album up until late 2016. Afterwards, he took a year off, which he spent in Ireland. While on his time off, he wanted to get back into the same mindset he had while writing his first album. He spent the last 18 months prior to Wasteland, Baby!'s release working on it. Wasteland, Baby! received generally positive reviews from music critics.


Hozier, there’s not a lot to say about him besides the fact that Take Me To Church dominated the radio and I couldn’t stand it. It was the perfect song title for a song that reminded me of all those times my dad used to drag me to Church, and I was forced to listen to the most obnoxious gospel songs that seemed to never end. However, despite me not really caring for the one song I had heard from this guy, I decided to give the album a listen. Why? You may ask. Well, I’ll tell you… The cover art is fantastic. Yes, I wanted to listen to this album because of the cover art, and the title was interesting enough as well. I went in with open ears, and for the most part, I wasn’t shocked… Too much.

Nina Cried Power, a grand, maximalist opener and it sure does make a statement. The first thing you notice is his powerful voice. I may not be the biggest fan, but I’d be lying if I said that voice isn’t righteous. However, as much as I tried to like this song, I couldn’t. None of the melodies stuck with me, and it seemed to be too grand for it’s own good. Almost (Sweet Music), was very basic the verses were decent enough but the chorus was forgettable; in fact, a lot of these songs I probably wouldn’t recognize if they were put on again, despite me listening to this album multiple times. Movement was a bit better and really broke up the monotony of the first two tracks, I liked the loose R&B vibe it had going on. No Plan was probably the first song I thoroughly enjoyed, the bassline was very groovy and it made me realize I like this guy a lot better when he’s not doing all the bombastic things with his voice. Nobody sounded like it was pulled straight from Cars the Pixar movie (strange reference, I know). And… then we get to the worst song on the album for me: To Noise Making (sing), boring as all hell, with an atrocious chorus. At this point, I was glad I was halfway done with the album.

By: xxCrazyTylerxx

A1 Nina Cried Power
A2 Almost
A3 Movement
A4 No Plan
B1 Nobody
B2 To Noise Making
B3 As It Was
C1 Shrike
C2 Talk
C3 Be

Sleeve sticker says: The new album Wasteland, Baby! includes the singles Nina Cried Power and Movement.

On 180g heavyweight double vinyl edition.