Florence & The Machine - Lungs (Vinyl)

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Lungs is the debut studio album by English indie rock band Florence & The Machine. It was released on 3 July 2009 by Island Record. The album features production from James Ford, Paul Epworth, Stephen Mackay, Eg White and Charlie Hugall, with additional production by band member Isabella Summers.
The album received generally positive reviews from music critics, with Welch drawing comparisons to the likes of Kate Bush and Fiona Apple. The album was preceded by three singles: “Kiss with a Fist”, “Dog Days Are Over” and “Rabbit Heart”.
Prior to recording the album, Welch spent a long time honing her sound while working with guitarists, intent on "[making] it into something that was a wave of sound that would envelop, something that was soaring, slightly church-like and then-doomlike."
The imagery of Lungs, featuring a style derived from the Ante-Donatello Brotherhood, was handled by two of Welch's friends: photographer Tom Beard and art director Tabitha Denholm, who are partners at the studio Partizan. Denholm also plays with the band's manager Mairead Nash in the DJ duo Queens of Noize. For the album cover, Denholm created a concept built around a pair of lungs worn visibly on Welch's chest. Welch's personal stylist Aldene Johnson handled the wardrobe, "an Emma Cook chain dress that was in a kind of 1920s style", while Orlando Weeks, an art student and frontman of the band The Maccabees, built the prostethic lungs, which he intended to give "a Victoriana, industrial punchbag kind of look”.


On 1xLP vinyl, on 180g Heavyweight Gatefold sleeve.


I was pleasantly surprised by Florence+The Machine debut's "Lungs" as it is not the overly-commercial, to easy to digest album I thought it was - except it kind of is. I mean, it may be all those stuff I usually hate in records, but this one works for me.
The record starts out very nicely with some tuneful and enjoyable tracks that, though not very challenging for the listener, are as funny and as pop as it gets. Then, from "Drumming Song" (which really touches the line between indie pop and Beyoncé) on it's kind of a disappointment except, of course, for "You've Got the Love" (I'm a sucker for this one, I'm sorry).
The whole mood is nice, folky, although it never seems to cross the line to shameless indie folk. I guess that kind of gives it a poppier feeling, but I kind of wonder if this wouldn't be much better if they decided to approach it more honestly.
I really hope that, in the future they'll embrace a more sharp sonority, instead of just floating between pop and folk (although they do this kind of gracefully). Overall, this is kind of good.

BY: Slima.

A1 Dog Days Are Over
A2 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
A3 I’m Not Calling You A Liar
A4 Howl
A5 Kiss With A Fist
A6 Girl With One Eye
B1 Drumming Song
B2 Between Two Lungs
B3 Cosmic Love
B4 My Boy Builds Coffins
B5 Hurricane Drunk

On Island Records / UMC.