Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith & Devotion / The 12" Singles (Vinyl Boxset)

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SONGS OF FAITH AND DEVOTION | THE 12” SINGLES deluxe limited-edition numbered box set will contain 8 x 12" vinyl singles. Limited Edition, Numbered, Vinyl Box Set.

Showcasing the singles - I Feel You, Walking In My Shoes, Condemnation and In Your Room - and key B-sides, mixes and live recordings contemporaneous to Depeche Mode's Songs of Faith and Devotion album.
Songs of Faith and Devotion introduced fans to signature songs in the DM canon including "I Feel You" (the band's highest-charting single worldwide), "Walking In My Shoes," "Condemnation" and "In Your Room."

Like each box set in the series, this release contains the singles from each Depeche Mode album on audiophile-quality 12" vinyl, with audio remastered from the original tapes. The artwork for the exterior of each of the new box sets draws on street art iconography inspired by the original releases, while the vinyl sleeves themselves feature the original vinyl single artwork.

Includes Single Poster Reproduction & Download Card. 

Limited Edition #00945


As someone who has been wishing for a SOFAD boxset for as long as I can remember, naturally holding one is a dream come true. My absolute favourite DM record, the one that brightened my late teen years with its darkness. How this band throughout the mid '80s and '90s kept delivering brilliance so consistently, and progressing so impressively, it is beyond me.

Looking now at the artwork makes me shiver with the artistry these guys showcased all these decades ago, much of which is the product of Anton Corbin's creativity. I was not a vinyl fan back then (CDs were and remain my preferred format), but there is something special when looking at the covers in vinyl size. Just like with their previous boxes, the sharpness of the photos is astonishing whether in b/w or in colour, their team deserves credit for these reproductions.

Equally excellent is the sonic remastering. As mentioned in my previous reviews, I cannot compare these freshly-pressed copies to the originals, my opinion is solely based on the new ones. Those mixes of "In your room" and "Walking in my shoes" have me wanting to put them on full blast volume, man, they are slaying! That is the case with all 4 singles, I guess "IYR" and "WIMS" being both DM faves makes me want to single them out. Not that the gospel brilliance of "Condemnation" or THAT guitar riff of "I feel you" sound any less astounding.

As always a download card is also included, this time there was no issues like with the one from the "Violator" box set last time. All in all, another DM box that is worth owning, despite the hefty pricing (always a controversial subject, more so these past few months where many of us have lost jobs etc.). 2020 has been challenging on so many levels, but great to us all music-wise, so, let's enjoy the things that make us happy! Stay safe, faithful and devoted.

By: ScarlettJupiter

Disc 1
1. I Feel You (Throb Mix) - (6.47)
2. I Feel You (Seven Inch Mix) - (4.34)
3. I Feel You (Babylon Mix) - (7.53)
4. One Caress - (3.32)
Disc 2
1. I Feel You (Life's Too Short Mix) - (8.35)
2. I Feel You (Swamp Mix) - (7.28)
3. I Feel You (Renegade Soundwave Afghan Surgery Mix) - (4.57)
4. I Feel You (Helmet at the Helm Mix) - (6.39)
Disc 3
1. Walking in My Shoes (Grungy Gonads Mix) - (6.24)
2. Walking in My Shoes (Seven Inch Mix) - (4.59)
3. My Joy (Seven Inch Mix) - (3.57)
4. My Joy (Slow Slide Mix) - (5.11)
Disc 4
1. Walking in My Shoes (Extended Twelve Inch Mix) - (6.52)
2. Walking in My Shoes (Random Carpet Mix) - (6.37)
3. Walking in My Shoes (Anandamidic Mix) - (6.11)
4. Walking in My Shoes (Ambient Whale Mix) - (4.54)
Disc 5
1. Condemnation (Paris Mix) - (3.21)
2. Death's Door (Jazz Mix) - (6.38)
3. Rush (Spiritual Guidance Mix) - (5.27)
4. Rush (Amylnitrate Mix Instrumental) - (7.43)
5. Rush (Wild Planet Mix Vocal) - (6.23)
Disc 6 (Live)
1. Condemnation - (4.10)
2. Personal Jesus - (6.00)
3. Enjoy the Silence - (6.46)
4. Halo - (4.56)
Disc 7
1. In Your Room (Zephyr Mix) - (4.50)
2. In Your Room (Apex Mix) - (6.43)
3. In Your Room (The Jeep Rock Mix) - (6.19)
4. Higher Love (Adrenaline Mix) - (7.49)
5. In Your Room (Extended Zephyr Mix) - (6.43)
Disc 8 (Live)
1. In Your Room - (6.49)
2. Policy of Truth - (5.08)
3. World in My Eyes - (6.13)
4. Fly On the Windscreen - (5.20)
5. Never Let Me Down Again - (4.59)
6. Death's Door - (2.45)

• Artwork [DM Logo & Artwork Original] – Anton Corbijn
• Band [In 1993 Depeche Mode Was] – Alan Wilder, Andy Fletcher, Dave Gahan, Martin Gore*
• Edited By – Flood (tracks: N1)
• Engineer – Butch Vig (tracks: M1, N2), Chris Dickie (tracks: A1 to H2), Doug Erikson* (tracks: M1, N2), Joshua Tobias* (tracks: J1), Steve Lyon (tracks: A1 to I1, J1to J3, M1 to N2), Steve Market (2) (tracks: M1, N2)
• Engineer [Mastering] – Chris Bellman
• Engineer [Remix] – George Holt (tracks: D1)
• Engineer [Tape Transfer] – Tom Hall
• Executive-Producer – Alex Pollock, Jonathan Kessler
• Guitar [Additional] – Doug Erikson* (tracks: M1, N2), Jamie West-Oram (tracks: C1, C2)
• Mixed By – Alan Wilder (tracks: K1 to L2, O1 to P3), Butch Vig (tracks: M1, N2), Chris Dickie (tracks: B2), Depeche Mode (tracks: A2, E1 to H2, I2), Flood (tracks: A2, E1, E2, G1 to H2), François Kevorkian (tracks: N1), Goh Hotoda (tracks: N1), John Crossley (tracks: B1), Mark Stent (tracks: A1, A2, E1, E2, G1 to H2), Steve Lyon (tracks: F1, F2, I2, K1 to L2, O1 to P3), Supereal (tracks: B1)
• Mixed By [Assisted By] – Rob Kirwan (tracks: O1 to P3)
• Producer – Alan Wilder (tracks: O1 to P3), Depeche Mode (tracks: A1 to J3, M1 to N2), Flood (tracks: A1 to I1, J1 to J3, M1 to N2), Steve Lyon (tracks: O1 to P3)
• Producer [Additional Production] – Alan Friedman (tracks: N1), Alan Wilder (tracks: I1), François Kevorkian (tracks: N1), Goh Hotoda (tracks: N1), Jack Dangers (tracks: J1), Steve Lyon (tracks: I1), Tony Garcia (6) (tracks: J2, J3), William Orbit (tracks: G2)
• Producer [Mix] – Butch Vig (tracks: M1, N2)
• Programmed By [Additional] – Matt Vaughn (tracks: A1, D2)
• Recorded By [Assisted By] – Dave Porter (tracks: O1 to P3)
• Recorded By [Live] – Peter Brandt (tracks: K1 to L2), Steve Lyon (tracks: O1 to P3)
• Remix – Alan Wilder (tracks: I1), Brian Eno (tracks: C1, C2, M2), Danny Briottet (tracks: D1), Jack Dangers (tracks: J1), Johnny Dollar* (tracks: E1, M3), Mark Stent (tracks: D2, G1, H2), Markus Draws* (tracks: M2), Portishead (tracks: E1, M3), Spirit Feel (tracks: H1), Steve Lyon (tracks: I1), Tony Garcia & Guido Osorio (tracks: J2, J3), William Orbit (tracks: G2)
• Remix [Assisted By] – Stan Loubières (tracks: H1)
• Strings [Arranged & Conducted By] – Wil Malone (tracks: B2)
• Synth [Additional] – Brian Eno (tracks: C1, C2)
• Written-By – Martin L. Gore

Sticker says:
8 x 12" Singles
Faithfully reproduced from original artwork and audio masters'