Deerhunter - Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? (Vinyl)

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Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? is the eighth studio album by the American indie rock band Deerhunter. It was released on January 18, 2019 on 4AD. The album was co-produced by singer-songwriter Care Le Bon, Ben H.Allen (who had previously worked with the band on Halcyon Digest and Fading Frontier), Ben Etter (who worked as a studio assistant on Fading Frontier) and the band itself. Lead singer Bradford Cox described the album as a "science fiction album about the present."

LP repressing on 1xLP 180-gram vinyl.


This is a lovely little album of well-executed psychedelia and indie pop, and quite a distance in tone from the hazy neo-psych of Halcyon Digest, Deerhunter's strongest work, and farther still from the noisy thickness of Cryptograms. Harpsichords, synthesizers, and pianos dominate the mix this time around. The atmosphere they create is quite comforting and unique. There is a general level of musicality to this band, so that everything they produce is of a certain quality. At the very least they are always pleasant to listen to. This album in particular goes down easy, but there are some darker shades to the lyrics and to some of the soundscapes -- the album artwork certainly purports to convey a sense of grimness and chaos -- that add an aura of foreboding and dread. It's a great combination, and there are no bad songs among the ten pieces here. While it may not be as expansive or as ambitious as some of their other releases, WHEAD shows that Bradford Cox and company have plenty of interesting ideas left and the drive to continue creating interesting and challenging music well into their second decade as a group.

By: Lunar_Cambridge

A1 Death In Midsummer
A2 No One's Sleeping
A3 Greenpoint Gothic
A4 Element
A5 What Happens To People?
B1 Detournement
B2 Futurism
B3 Tarnung
B4 Plains
B5 Nocturne

Catalogue Number: 4AD0089LP

Record Label: 4AD