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Not to Disappear is the second studio album by British indie folk band Daughter, released on 15 January 2016 by 4AD. Not to Disappear received generally positive reviews from critics. Daughter's "brutal lyrical honesty" sets them apart from their musical influences, including The Cure, PJ Harvey and Beach House. The band has created a dynamic mixture of indie pop, dark folk and shoegazing that reflected influences from bands such as London Grammar and Massive Attack. Despite its reliance on "sound-defining delay, a dark tone palette, and friable vocals", the album avoids monotony and that the minimal instrumentation emphasizes the monotony of Tonra's "gorgeous, but largely static" vocals.

This 1LP format on 180g heavyweight vinyl.


On their sophomore album, Daughter more or less successfully branch out and offer a more diverse palette of sounds than on their debut. The songs are easier to tell apart and have more distinct identities, it sounds a much less samey than their debut, which pretty much stuck to one sound. The Shoegaze/Rock sound of 'How' would have felt out of place on the debut, as would the fast-paced 'No Care', for example.
What they gained in diversity, they have lost in songwriting, partly. Tracks like 'Mothers' or 'Made of Stone' are quite bland (but still, well pretty). I like them, I really like Daughter's sound and they are great for night drives or to just sit and drink wine to in a dark room. But even then, the gloominess is just so suffocating. And I'm a huge fan not only of 90s Emo but also sad bastards like Sun Kil Moon or Elliot Smith. But Daughter just shove their sadness down your throat at times. It seems so deliberately sad at times, you know? Anyways, still like the album even though it has a weirdly annoying aftertaste.

By: StayGold.

A1 New Ways
A2 Numbers
A3 Doing The Right Thing
A4 How
A5 Mothers
B1 Alone/With You
B2 No Care
B3 To Belong
B4 Fossa
B5 Made Of Stone

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Record Label: 4AD