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If You Leave is the debut album by British rock band Daughter released under 4AD on 18 March 2013. "An album as beautifully conceived as If You Leave is one you follow from start to finish, riveted by the story it weaves and the emotion it bleeds. And in these digital days that feels like a remarkable achievement" Drowned in Sound said in their 9/10 review. The band began a lengthy tour in support of the album and recruited Luke Saunders as an additional live-member to ensure the material could be reproduced. As Haefeli explained: "He plays everything we can’t play, which is keyboards, bass and some more guitar. We were really happy with the result. It took quite a while and a lot of rehearsing, but we are really happy with how the songs sound live". The band also use a number of vocal and guitar effects to achieve this sound live.

This 1LP format on 180g heavyweight vinyl.


Well, every time I listen to Daughter, there are few important words that I think of: haunting, hermetic, woody. They always make me want to sleep in a wood in the summer nights, stand there still and listen to their tracks, like there's nothing else in the world. This album is no less amazing and goes right through my heart. I feel like rating it lower than it deserves, but I think it's because of the moment. You have to be in the right "kind of Decadent" mood to listen to it. Love them anyway.

By: Manuel02

A1 Winter
A2 Smother
A3 Youth
A4 Still
A5 Lifeforms
B1 Tomorrow
B2 Human
B3 Touch
B4 Amsterdam
B5 Shallows

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Record Label: 4AD