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This is the debut studio album by Brian Wilson released in July 1988 on Sire Records. It was voted one of the best albums of 1988 by NME and as part of its acclaim, garnered the nickname "Pet Sounds '88" among some critics. The album has since been reissued on several formats with bonus tracks, and cited by some as a standout in Wilson's solo oeuvre.

This album is incredible! How have I never heard of this before? This easily ranks up there with some of The Beach Boy's best. This is like a theme park ride through Brian Wilson's mind, including some of the best pop music you'll hear ("Love and Mercy") and surreal, epic Americana ("Rio Grande"). I think this album isn't so highly rated due to the '80s production but I think that only makes it better.

By: SUPER_lonely_panda

A1 Love And Mercy
A2 Walking The Line
A3 Melt Away
A4 Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long
A5 Little Children
A6 One For The Boys
A7 There's So Many
B1 Night Time
B2 Let It Shine
B3 Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight
B4 Rio Grande

Catalogue Number:  R1 79960

Record Label:  Rhino Records

Produced by: