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Warpaint is the second studio album by the American indie rock band Warpaint, released on January 17, 2014 on Rough Trade Records. Produced by Flood and the band itself, the album was preceded by the single, "Love Is to Die". It has been characterized as dream pop.

Perhaps the most striking facet of Warpaint’s second full-length LP is the length of time it’s taken to get from their synapses to their fingertips to tape and to our ears. After 2010′s The Fool, the band were secured passage straight into the coven of critical darlinghood, ascending further than many artists do on the back of comparatively small morsels of music. You’d think they’d be swollen with adrenaline, eager to ravage the studio once more – but nothing concrete ever surfaced. Maybe it was pressure; maybe there were other things focusing their attention; maybe they were just creatively constipated.

'Warpaint' was co-produced by Warpaint and Flood (PJ Harvey, Sigur Ros, New Order, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Foals), and mixed by Flood and Nigel Godrich (Radiohead).

LP pressing on 2xLP gatefold, etched.


Unlike their previous album "The Fool", “Warpaint” is not as easy a listen, but as I gave it a few plays the reason I have liked this group, ever since I saw them live on tonight with Jools Holland, came back to me. They are vibrant and different. And whilst they are perhaps a bit more image conscious and better produced now, they still seem to retain a certain don't care, just do it attitude. This attitude is on show in the new album. Although there are some foot tapping, sing along gems like "keep it healthy" and the dance inducing "Disco/very", some of the tracks are defiantly an acquired taste (at least for me). I personally thought this was pretty brave for a second album. Still once I got listening I got to appreciate the different layers each track renders and a real feeling of satisfaction once I was able to identify and follow the various hooks of each song. So many bands descend into self-indulgence with their second or third offerings, but with a little controlled departure to keep things fresh I think Warpaint have got this one spot on. If fans of “The fool” have already given this a listen and haven’t been impressed, all the elements you love are here, you just have to listen a bit harder and perhaps a little less critically. We are fans after all, we know why we like this group. Most importantly do not expect “The Fool no.2”. It will grow on you I promise.

By: JC

A1 Intro
A2 Keep It Healthy
A3 Love Is To Die
A4 Hi
B1 Biggy
B2 Teese
B3 Disco//Very
B4 Go In
C1 Feeling Alright
C3 Drive
C4 Son

Catalogue Number: RTRADLP680

Record Label: Rough Trade Records.