Various Artists - The Rough Guide To Arabian Jazz (Vinyl)

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Jazz improvisation, syncopated beats and counter-culture attitudes have been swinging in the Arab world since the early twentieth century. This Rough Guide explores today's thriving scene, revealing how blending jazz and Arabic music has created the most beautiful of musical concoctions.

Limited Edition Vinyl + Download Card

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A1 Joseph Tawadro - Forbidden Fruit
A2 Akim El Sikameya - Ya Waadi
A3 Hijaz - Meltemia
B1 Out Of Nations - Zenneh
B2 Out Of Nations - Khafif ft. Hazard Shaheen
B3 Ahmad Kaabour - Abou Afif
B4 Maurice El Medioni, Roberto Rodriguez - Ana Ouna

Record Store 2019 release.