Various Artists - The Freakbeat Scene (2xLP Vinyl)

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The Freakbeat Scene brings together 25 remarkable tracks, virtually all of them much sought after on original Decca / Deram 45. Save yourself £££s and buy this loving compiled 2LP set in heavyweight 180 Gram vinyl. Contains 4-sided information sheet, replicating original album CD package notes. The Freakbeat sound, was mainly a sub-genre of late 1960s UK rock and roll, which many of the artists, and their styles, went on to become a larger part of British music history. Includes early recordings from the Attack, the Birds, Marc Bolan and the Small Faces.


Nice budget compilation of the Freakbeat scene, a term coined in the 80's to describe the music influenced by the breakdown passage in the Who's "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere". Liner notes are superb giving a wee breakdown on each band featured. The quality of music however isn't as consistent. I'd heard a lot about the Birds but was disappointed by their effort on here. The cult Scottish beat combo The Poets provide a decent track and the Timebox effort is pretty excellent. The best track however is Fires, Fathers Name is Dad....the frustrating thing about this being that this track features on the Nuggets 2 boxset which i already own discounting this as a hidden gem as far as I'm concerned. Hidden gems was the reason for buying this and since I've effectively discovered 2 new bands to find out more about i don't think the risk has returned the reward hence the average rating. If you're having an Austin Powers styled party you could do worse than crank this up.

By: peppery_c

A1 The Score - Please Please Me
A2 Paul & Ritchie & The Cryin' Shames - Come On Back
A3 The Attack - Anymore Than I Do
A4 The Majority - One Third
A5 Shel Naylor - One Fine Day
A6 The New Breed - Unto Us
B1 The Syn - Grounded
B2 Fire - Father's Name Is Dad
B3 Small Faces - Understanding
B4 The Birds - No Good Without You Baby
B5 Marc Bolan - The Third Degree
B6 The Flies - I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
C1 Keith Shields - Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
C2 The Mark Four - I'm Leaving
C3 Jimmy Winston & His Reflections - Sorry She's Mine
C4 The Poets - Wooden Spoon
C5 Outer Limits - Just Help Me Please
C6 Denis Couldry & The Next Collection - I Am Nearly There
D1 The Blue Stars - I Can Take It
D2 Timebox - Poor Little Heartbreaker
D3 The Fairytale - Run & Hid
D4 Loose Ends - Taxman
D5 The Sea-ders - Thanks A Lot
D6 The Human Instinct - Pink Dawn
D7 The Beatstalkers - You'd Better Get A Better Hold On

Record Label: Decca

Catalogue Number: 772467-6