Various Artists - The R&B Scene (2xLP Vinyl)

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This is another in this truly impressive series of Decca/Deram released tracks from the mid-sixties. This time it deals with the "r&b"/upbeat blues rock scene. While there are crossover with "The Blues Scene", the material on here is pretty much all fast-paced, energetic rocking Rhythm and Blues,


This set, one of eight under the "Decca Originals" title, is another good overview of a number of bands playing, by and large, tough r&b in England in the mid 60's. This could be considered the companion to "The Blues Scene" in this series. Decca Records signed many good to fine artists, and this compilation showcases many of the best. Artists like THE BIRDS, COPS 'N' ROBBERS, Dave Berry, Lulu & THE LUVVERS, John Mayall, Rod Stewart, THE BIG THREE, and so on-are all here with some fine tracks.
As the years go by, a lot of this music is in danger of being pushed aside and/or forgotten. And that would be a shame, because the various musical genres that came out of England during a relatively short period of time (a few years), is still important, still vital, and exciting. The eight releases in this series still available, serve as widows into an era when record labels were willing to record this great music. And for very little money this set (and the others)are great value for money. This compilation can sit alongside other single disc collections of similar music with no problem. Great music, great sound, and a low low price make this a "no brainer" purchase.

By: Stuart_Jefferson

A1 The Birds - You're On My Mind
A2 The Fairies - Anytime At All
A3 Blues By Five - Boom Boom
A4 Cops 'N' Robbers - Gotta Be A Reason
A5 Dave Berry - Don't Gimme No Lip, Child
A6 Lulu - I'll Come Running Over
B1 Graham Bond Organisation - Long Tall Shorty
B2 The Frays - Keep Me Covered
B3 Davie Jones & The King Bees - Louie Louie Go Home
B4 John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - Crawling Up A Hill
B5 The Chasers - Hey Little Girl
B6 Zoot Money - The Uncle Willie
C1 Hipster Image - Can't Let Her Go
C2 The Beazers - Blue Beat
C3 The Exotics - Cross My Heart
C4 Rod Stewart - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
C5 Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - I Got My Mojo Working
C6 The Emeralds - King Lonely The Blue
D1 The Big Three - You've Gotta Keep Her Underhand
D2 The Plebs - Babe I'm Gonna Leave Yo
D3 Steve Aldo - Can I Get Witness
D4 The Redcaps - Talkin' Bout You
D5 Paul's Disciples - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
D6 The Birds - You Don't Love Me

Record Label: Decca

Catalogue Number: 772467-7