Various Artists - The Mod Scene (2xLP Vinyl)

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UK collection, a thrilling installment in the much lauded Decca Records archival Scene series that focuses on the label's diverse and influential '60s catalog. This compilation features 25 rare and influential that helped shape the Mod scene. Mixing rock, blues and soul with electrifying energy, the 'mods' were sharply dressed and ready to take their sounds to the streets and were warmly embraced by the music-obsessed 'mod' fans. Includes tracks from Tom Jones, Paul & Barry Ryan, the Poets, Amen Corner, Small Faces, Chris Farlow, Graham "10cc" Gouldman, Zoot Money's Big Roll Band, Graham Bond Orchestra and many others. Universal. 2003.


Other than yet another version of "Walking the Dog," this is a fabulous compilation. Some upbeat tunes. Some bluesier numbers. I love that the majority of the artists on this compilation are obscure. My collection is complete enough at this point that if it is well know, I probably already have it. Favorites include "Stop! Stop! Stop!" by Graham Gouldman, "If Your Love Don't Swing" by Pete Kelly's Soulution, and "We Don't Know" by The Attack.

By: GoGoKO

A1 The Quik - Bert's Apple Crumble
A2 Hipster Image - Make Her Mine
A3 The Poets - That's The Way It's Gotta Be
A4 The Wards Of Court - How Could You Say One Thing
A5 Graham Gouldman - Stop! Stop! Stop!
A6 Pete Kelly's Soulution - If Your Love Don't Swing
B1 Timebox - Girl Don't Let Me Wait
B2 Mockingbirds - Lovingly Yours
B3 Amen Corner - Expressway To Your Heart
B4 The Attack - We Don't Know
B5 Chris Farlowe - Air Travel
B6 Graham Bond Organisation - Little Girl
C1 The Outer Limits - Just One More Chance
C2 Ronnie Jones With The Nightimers - I Need Your Loving
C3 Small Faces - Grow Your Own
C4 Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Walking The Dog
C5 Steve Aldo - Baby What You Want Me To Do
C6 Tom Jones - Dr. Love
C7 Jimmy Winston & His Reflections - It's Not What You Do
D1 The Habits - Elbow Baby
D2 The Score - Beg Me
D3 Loose Ends - That's It
D4 St. Louis Union - East Side Story
D5 Paul & Barry Ryan - There You Go
D6 Eyes Of Blue - Supermarket Full Of Cans

Record Label: Decca

Catalogue Number: 772467-4