Suede - Dog Man Star (Vinyl 2xLP)

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Dog Man Star is the second album by English alternative rock band Suede, released in October 1994 on Nude Records. The album was recorded in London at Master Rock studios in early 1994, and was produced by Ed Buller. It was the last Suede album to feature guitarist Bernard Butler; growing tensions between him and singer Brett Anderson ended with Butler leaving the band before recording was complete. As a result, some tracks on the album had to be finished with the assistance of session musicians.


Sometimes, when listening to music, something will send a shiver up your spine. It might not be a whole song, just a guitar break or a singer hitting a particular note, and it doesn't happen often, but when it does, it happens every time you hear it. Well, Dog Man Star is the only album I can think of where this phenomenon happens twice for me - once when Brett Anderson's voice kicks in at the beginning of "The Wild Ones" and, again, when the strings build to a climax near the end of "Still Life". For these two factors alone, this is a superb album. But for those of you who need more than that, Dog Man Star delivers. Sure you can argue that Anderson simply mimics Bowie and that Suede are a throwback to the seventies but that's like comparing the current Man United side to that of the sixties: interesting but ultimately pointless. The band specialise in slow burning ballads which don't really grab you until the third or fourth listen - here we have "The Asphalt World" and "The 2 Of Us". They punctuate these with snappy stompers, and top everything off with the showstoppers "The Wild Ones", "Heroine" and "Still Life", which Lloyd Webber would have been proud of. The whole thing comes together on the strength of Anderson's elastic voice and Bernard Butler's meandering guitar which manages to dominate without ever taking centre stage and is never less than brilliant.

Reviewed By: Grampus

A1 Introducing The Band
A2 We Are The Pigs
A3 Heroine
A4 The Wild Ones
B1 Daddy's Speeding
B2 The Power
B3 New Generation
C1 This Hollywood Life
C2 The 2 Of Us
C3 Black Or Blue
D1 The Asphalt World
D2 Still Life


Catalogue Number: Insatiable 2

Record Label: Demon Records