Stu Phillips - Knight Rider Soundtrack (2xLP Vinyl)

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Making its debut on vinyl is the music from the beloved television series, Knight Rider. The original show ran for four years on NBC and made stars out of David Hasselhoff and his car, KITT. The series featured music by the great Stu Phillips (Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, The Fall Guy, The Monkees, Quincy and The Amazing Spider-Man). The series theme song is one of the most memorable and beloved themes from any television series. In 2005, Film Score Monthly released a single disc limited edition CD collection of music from the series, which quickly sold out. Our new 2-LP set features music from the limited CD release on the first LP and a second disc with unreleased music from the series. The album was supervised by Stu Phillips and will feature all new artwork and notes. Gatefold jacket.


To be honest, I wasn't expecting too much from
the Knight Rider soundtrack, but I was
pleasantly surprised by the complexity, urgency
and entertainment value of the compositions. In
principle, these are short suites that were
composed with a lot of devotion and feeling for
the individual episodes of the series and are
surprisingly versatile in their styles. The
topics range from optimistic to dramatic and
are presented in a wide variety of musical styles.
With this, Stu Phillips has created nothing less
than a modernist classical album that hardly
anyone knows in full and that is absolutely worth
listening to! The plates weigh an estimated 140
grams, and the press quality is very good. The
sound is colorful and impulsive. The gatefold
cover is of solid quality and a mess for K.I.T.T.
Fans, especially the inner sleeves, because
they're full of technical information.

By: Chupacabra

A1 Main Title
A2 Michael Saved / Keep Fighting
A3 Not Bad/He
A4 Automobile Heaven / Piece Of Cake / Dreamin’ / Auto Cruise
A5 Evil Tanya
A6 They’re Off
A7 Escape From Jail
A8 The Shootout
A10 Through A Truck / Airport Chase
B1 They’ll Never Believe / To The Pipes
B2 Bull / More Bull
B3 Fight In The Woods
B4 KITT From Outer Space
B5 Long Walk
B6 Showdown
B7 Karr Dies
B8 Mikki’s Escape
B9 KITT vs. Horse
B10 Frantic / KITT’s Magic
B11 Go / Convoy
C1 Like Chickens With Scorpions
C2 Rope Trick / Thanks A Lot
C3 Davey In Trouble / Gang
C4 Gang Approach
C5 Enter The Bikers
C6 Shake Up
C7 Restaurant
C9 Open Door / Exit Garage / Jane Befuddled
C10 Brian Chased / Continued
C11 Small Party / Bad Info / What’s Wrong?
C12 Over and Over
C13 Holy Toledo!
C14 Accelerate
C15 Copter
D1 Bread And Water / Interior Jail / Reston Leaves
D2 Nice Day / Head On
D3 Are You Okay?
D4 Food Fight / Can’t Out Run ’em
D5 Help Fast!
D6 Orange Grove Sneak / Incredible / Camper / Knockout
D7 Sammy’s Crash / Mike Shows Off
D8 Only 55
D9 Slammin Sammy / Marie And Lisa
D10 Mark Stunts
D11 Ring of Fire / Bike Jump
D12 Trapped
D13 End Titles

Record Label: Universal

Catalogue Number:  3020675561