Various Artists - Boy Meets Girl (2xLP Vinyl)

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50th anniversary reissue of this long out of print Stax compilation featuring some of the label's biggest duets. Exclusively released on Record Store Day 2019.


This is not a compilation, but originally a 1969 double LP (issued in a shorter one disc version in Britain); It is interesting in many levels: because it is Stax Soul, quality guaranteed, because it features lesser known but excellent artists (William Bell, Eddie Floyd, Johnnie Taylor, Carla Thomas and three members of the Staples family), because Soul duets are generally a real treat, because of all the great producers involved (Al Bell, Homer Banks, Isaac Hayes, Booker T. Jones, Don Davis, Steve Cropper, Marvell Thomas), because it was recorded in legendary studios (Ardent, Fame, United Sound ...). So it is a compact way to discover the sound of Stax, or to enlarge your knowledge of this sound beyond Otis Redding. And most of all, it is a wonderful slice of happiness and soulfulness to enjoy. Grab it if you can !

By: Chrismass61

A1 Johnnie Taylor, Eddie Floyd, William Bell, Pervis Staples, Carla Thomas, Mavis Staples, Cleotha Staples - Soul-A-Lujah
A2 William Bell, Mavis Staples - I Ain't Particular
A3 Johnnie Taylor, Carla Thomas - Just Keep On Loving Me
A4 Eddie Floyd, Mavis Staples - Ain't That Good
A5 William Bell, Carla Thomas - I Cant Stop
A6 William Bell, Mavis Staples - I Thank You
B1 William Bell, Mavis Staples - Loves Sweet Sensation
B2 William Bell, Carla Thomas - I Need You Woman
B3 Eddie Floyd, Mavis Staples - Never Never Let You Go
B4 William Bell, Mavis Staples - Hold On This Time
B5 Johnnie Taylor, Mavis Staples - Thats The Way Love Is
C1 Eddie Floyd, Carla Thomas - Its Our Time
C2 Pervis Staples, Carla Thomas - It's Unbelievable (How You Control My Soul)
C3 Eddie Floyd, Mavis Staples - Piece Of My Heart
C4 William Bell, Mavis Staples - Leave The Girl Alone
C5 Pervis Staples, Carla Thomas - I'm Trying
C6 Eddie Floyd, Carla Thomas - Don't Make Me A Storyteller
D1 William Bell, Mavis Staples - Strung Out
D2 Johnnie Taylor, Carla Thomas - My Life
D3 Eddie Floyd, Cleotha Staples - It's Too Late
D4 Johnnie Taylor, Carla Thomas - I've Just Been Feeling Bad
D5 William Bell, Carla Thomas - All I Have To Do Is Dream

Record Label: Stax

Catalogue Number: CR00175